Faculty bios

Full-time faculty

Sarah Abramowicz
Associate Professor of Law
Robert Ackerman
Professor of Law
Sabrina Balgamwalla
Assistant Professor (Clinical); Director of the Asylum and Immigration Law Clinic
Laura Bartell
Professor of Law
Linda Beale
Professor of Law
Jocelyn Benson
Associate Professor of Law
Khaled Beydoun
Associate Professor of Law; Associate Director of Civil Rights and Social Justice, Damon J. Keith Center for Civil Rights
Richard Bierschbach
Dean and Professor of Law
Charles Brower
Professor of Law
Kingsley Browne
Professor of Law
Stephen Calkins
Professor of Law
Susan Cancelosi
Senior Associate Dean
Kirsten Carlson
Associate Professor of Law and Adjunct Associate Professor of Political Science
Anne Choike
Assistant Professor (Clinical); Director of the Business and Community Law Clinic
Kathryn Day
Legal Writing Instructor
Anthony Dillof
Professor of Law
Paul Dubinsky
Professor of Law
Gregory Fox
Director of the Program for International Legal Studies; Professor of Law
Lance Gable
Associate Professor of Law; Faculty Director, Minor in Law Program
Noah Hall
Professor of Law
Peter Hammer
Director of the Damon J. Keith Center for Civil Rights; Professor of Law; A. Alfred Taubman Endowed Chair
Peter Henning
Professor of Law
Marilyn Kelly
Distinguished Jurist in Residence
Carl Levin
Chair; Distinguished Legislator in Residence
Justin Long
Associate Professor of Law
Christopher Lund
Professor of Law
John Mogk
Professor of Law; Chair, Levin Center at Wayne Law Faculty Committee
Adele Morrison
Associate Professor of Law
David Moss
Associate Professor (Clinical); Director of the Disability Law Clinic
Amy Neville
Legal Writing Instructor
William Ortman
Assistant Professor of Law, Edward M. Wise Research Scholar
Sanjukta Paul
Assistant Professor of Law, Romano Stancroff Research Scholar
Julia Qin
Professor of Law
Rebecca Robichaud
Assistant Professor (Clinical); Assistant Director of Externship Programs
Brad Roth
Professor of Law and Political Science
John Rothchild
Professor of Law; Faculty Director, Master of Studies in Law Program
Alan Schenk
Distinguished Professor of Law
Robert Sedler
Distinguished Professor of Law
Rachel Settlage
Associate Professor of Law; Director of Clinical Education
Kathryn Smolinski
Director of the Legal Advocacy for People with Cancer Clinic; Assistant Professor (Clinical) of Law
Kristin Theut-Newa
Director of Legal Research and Writing; Legal Writing Instructor
Heather Walter-McCabe
Associate Professor of Law and Social Work
Jonathan Weinberg
Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Development; Professor of Law
Vincent Wellman
Associate Professor of Law
Katherine White
Professor of Law
Steven Winter
Walter S. Gibbs Distinguished Professor of Constitutional Law
Eric Zacks
Associate Professor of Law; Faculty Director, LL.M. Program

Part-time faculty

Emeritus faculty

Martin Adelman
Professor of Law Emeritus
William Burnham
Professor of Law Emeritus
John Dolan
Distinguished Professor of Law Emeritus
Janet Findlater
Associate Professor of Law Emerita
Leroy Lamborn
Professor of Law Emeritus
Edward Littlejohn
Professor of Law Emeritus
Joan Mahoney
Professor of Law Emerita