Justin Long

Justin Long

Associate Professor of Law


Room 3263
(313) 355-4575

Justin Long

  • Biography

    Associate Professor Justin R. Long studies state constitutionalism, public education law, urban law, and federalism. He is the associate director for education law and policy of the Damon J. Keith Center for Civil Rights, and regularly works with civil rights activists in the community. He served as reporter for the Michigan Judicial Selection Task Force, a citizens' commission working to reform Michigan's process for selecting supreme court justices. He lives in Detroit.

    Before coming to Wayne State, Long was a visiting assistant professor of law at the University of Connecticut School of Law. He practiced as an assistant solicitor general in the New York Office of the Attorney General and clerked for both Myron H. Bright of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit and Associate Judge Albert M. Rosenblatt of the New York Court of Appeals.


  • Degrees and Certifications

    J.D., University of Pennsylvania Law School
    A.B., Harvard University

  • Courses Taught

    State Constitutionalism

    Civil Procedure

    Law of the City: Detroit

    Teaching Law in High School

  • Publications of Note

    State Court Protection of Individual Constitutional Rights: State Constitutional Structures Affect Access to Civil Justice, 70 Rutgers U. L. Rev. 937 (2018)

    State Constitutions are Slippery: A Reply to Professor Marshfield, 51 New Eng. L. Rev. 533 (2017) 

    Workplace Injuries as a Constitutional Law Issue, 69 Rutgers U. L. Rev.1265 (2017) 

    Guns, Gays, and Ganja, 69 Ark. L. Rev. 453 (2016) 

    Democratic Education and Local School Governance, 50 Willamette L. Rev. 401 (2014) 

    State Constitutional Prohibitions on Special Laws, 60 Clev. St. L. Rev. 719 (2012)

    Constitutional Problem, 60 Wayne L. Rev. 69 (2014) 

    Are State Constitutions Un-American?, 40 Rutgers L.J. 793 (2010)

    Against Certification, 78 Geo. Wash. L. Rev. 114 (2009)

    Intermittent State Constitutionalism, 34 Pepperdine L. Rev. 41 (2006)

  • Social Science Research Network
  • Accomplishments
    • Justin Long was one of two featured faculty at the Pound Institute for Civil Justice's 2018 Judicial Forum, “State Constitutional Structure Affects Access to Civil Justice.” He spoke to 150 state appellate judges about the ways state constitutional power arrangements affect injured parties' access to a remedy in court.