Faculty experts

Administrative law

Affirmative action

Alternative dispute resolution and negotiation

American political system

Ancient law

Antitrust (labor)

Antitrust (competition) and trade regulation


Bank-customer relationship


Behavioral science and law


Business and entrepreneurship law

Chinese law

Citizenship law

Civil procedure

Civil rights

Clinical legal education

Commercial loans

Communications law

Communitarian studies

Comparative law

Conflict of laws

Congress and legislative process

Constitutional law (U.S.)

Consumer law



Corporate finance

Corporations and other business entities/corporate law


Courts (international)

Courts (U.S. federal)

Criminal law

Criminal procedure

Disability law

Disaster response

Discrimination (disability)

Discrimination (racial)

Discrimination (sexual/gender)

Disease (HIV/AIDS, pandemics)

Dispute resolution


Education law and reform

Elder law

Empirical legal studies

Employee benefits and health coverage

Employer health insurance

Employment discrimination

Employment law

End-of-life legal planning

Energy law

Environmental law

European Union Law


Family law

Family violence and law

Federal Indian law

Federal Trade Commission

First Amendment

Foreign direct investment

Foreign policy (U.S.)

Fraud (mail/wire)

Free speech

Gender discrimination

Government contracting (federal)

Hate crimes

Health law

Human rights (international - women)

Human rights (international)

Immigration law

International business transactions

International finance

International law

International litigation and arbitration

International trade

Internet law

Justice Department

Land-use planning

Legal education

Legal ethics

Legal theory and philosophy

Letters of credit

Local government law


Medical malpractice


Mergers and acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions (antitrust)

Michigan Auto No-Fault Insurance law

Michigan law

Michigan Supreme Court

National security


Oversight process

Patent law

Pension benefits

Personal injury law

Political theory

Poverty law

Products liability

Professional responsibility of lawyers

Public corruption

Public health law

Race and law

Race discrimination

Real property

Regulation of the Gig Economy

Religious freedom

Retiree health benefits

Russian constitutional law

Sales and leases of goods

Same-sex marriage

Secured transactions

Securities fraud

Securities law

Social Security

State constitutional law

Tax (corporations)

Tax (federal income)

Tax (value added)

Tax avoidance

Tax havens

Tax law (general)

Tax shelters

Tax: ethics and practice

Tax partnerships and other pass-through entities

Tort law



Trial advocacy

Uniform Commercial Code

Uniform Commercial Code (Articles 2, 2A, 7)

United Nations

Urban development

Urban planning

Victims' rights

Water law

White collar crime

Wills and trusts/probate

World Trade Organization