Recent faculty scholarship

Wayne Law faculty members are widely recognized for their local, national and global impact and using scholarship as an instrument of change. Here we highlight their recent and forthcoming work.

  • Khaled Beydoun

    Associate Professor Khaled Beydoun

    • The New State of Surveillance: Societies of Subjugation, 79 Wash. & Lee L. Rev. (forthcoming 2022)
    • On Sacred Land, 105 Minn. L. Rev. 1803 (2021)
    • Islamophobia and the Law, Cambridge Univ. Press (2020) (with Cyra Choudhury)
    • Faith In Whiteness: Free Exercise of Religion as Racial Expression, 105 Iowa L. Rev. 1475 (2020)
    • Fear of a Black and Brown Internet: Policing Online Activism, 100 B.U. L. Rev. 1153 (2020) (with Sahar Aziz)
  • Assistant Professor Nancy Chi Cantalupo

    • The Title IX Movement Against Campus Sexual Violence: How a Civil Rights Law Inspired a Feminist Movement & Vice Versa, in Deborah L. Brake, Martha Chamallas, and Verna L. Williams, Oxford Handbook on Feminist Legal Theory (forthcoming 2021)
    • Title IX Symposium Keynote Speech: Title IX & the Civil Rights Approach to Sexual Harassment in Education, 25 Roger Williams U. L. Rev. 225 (2020)
    • Dog Whistles & Beachheads: The Trump Administration, Sexual Violence & Student Discipline, 54 Wake Forest L. Rev. 303 (2019)
    • And Even More of Us Are Brave: Intersectionality & Sexual Harassment of Women Students of Color, 42 Harv. J.L. & Gender 1 (2019)
    • Recommendations for Practice: Improving Campus Student Conduct Processes for Domestic, Dating, Sexual & Stalking Violence, American Bar Association Commission on Domestic & Sexual Violence (2019)
    • Systematic Prevention of a Serial Problem: Sexual Harassment and Bridging Core Concepts of Bakke in the #MeToo Era, U.C. Davis L. Rev. (2019) (with William Kidder)
    • Widely Welcomed and Supported by the Public: A Report on the Title IX-Related Comments in the U.S. Department of Education’s Executive Order 13777 Comment Call, Cal. L. Rev. Online (2019) (with Tiffany Buffkin, Mariko Cool, & Amanda Orlando)
    • Civil Rights Investigations & Comprehensive Prevention of Sexual Misconduct, in Claire Renzetti & Diane R. Follingstad, Adjudicating Campus Sexual Misconduct: Controversies and Challenges (2019)
  • Kirsten Matoy Carlson

    Professor Kirsten Matoy Carlson

    • Rethinking Legislative Advocacy, 80 Md. L. Rev. 960(2021)
    • White Opposition to Native American Sovereignty: Association with “the Casino Indian Stereotype” and Perceived Conflict of Interest, 17 Du Bois Rev. 55 (2020) (with Laurel Davis-Delano, Renee Galliher, Arianne Eason and Stephanie Fryberg)
    • Lobbying Against the Odds, 56 Harv. J. on Legis. 23 (2019) (Selected for the 2018 Yale/Stanford/Harvard Junior Faculty Forum)
  • Lance Gable

    Professor Lance Gable

    • COVID-19 Policy Playbook: Legal Recommendations for a Safer, More Equitable Future, Boston: Public Health Law Watch (2021) (with Scott Burris, Sarah de Guia, Donna E. Levin, Wendy E. Parmet and Nicolas P. Terry)
    • Preemption and Privatization in the Opioid Epidemic, 13 Northeastern Univ. L. Rev. 297 (2021)
    • The Legal Responses to COVID-19: Legal Pathways to a More Effective and Equitable Response, 27 J. Pub. Health Management & Practice S72 (2021) (with Scott Burris, Sarah De Guia, Donna E. Levin, Wendy E. Parmet, Nicolas P. Terry)
    • Assessing Legal Responses to COVID-19, Boston: Public Health Law Watch (2020) (with Scott Burris, Sarah de Guia, Donna E. Levin, Wendy E. Parmet, Nicolas P. Terry)
    • Legal and Ethical Implications of Wastewater Sars-CoV-2 Monitoring for COVID-19 Surveillance, 7 J.L. and the Biosci. (2020) (with Natalie Ram and Jeffrey Ram)
    • Teaching the Future: Legal Epidemiology as a Model of Transdisciplinary Education, 26 J. Pub. Health Management & Practice 96 (Supp. 2, March/April 2020)
    • Advancing Legal Epidemiology to Prevent Chronic and Non-Communicable Disease: An Introduction, 26 J. Pub. Health Management & Practice 1 (Supp. 2, March/April 2020)(with Betsy L. Thompson and Lindsay Cloud)
    • Advancing the Right to Health: Eleanor Kinney’s Seminal Contributions to the Development and Implementation of Human Rights for Public Health, 17 Ind. Health L. Rev. 21 (2020) (with Benjamin Mason Meier)
    • Learning from the Flint Water Crisis: Restoring and Improving Public Health Practice, Accountability, and Trust, 47 J.L. Med. & Ethics (2019) (with Colleen Healy Boufides and Peter D. Jacobson)
  • Professor Jamila Jefferson-Jones

    • “Driving While Black” as “Living While Black”, 106 Iowa L. Rev. 2281 (2021)
    • #LivingWhileBlack: Blackness as Nuisance, 69 Am. U. L. Rev. 863 (2020)
    • Advising the Smart City: When Artificial Intelligence and Big Data are the Subject, of Professional Advice, What is a Government Lawyer to Do?, 50 U. Tol. L. Rev. 447 (2019)
  • Christopher Lund

    Professor Christopher Lund

    • Sex Offenders and the Free Exercise of Religion, 96 Notre Dame L. Rev. 1025 (2021)
    • Reconsidering Thornton v. Caldor, 97 Wash. U. L. Rev. 1687 (2020) (symposium)
  • William Ortman

    Associate Professor William Ortman

    • The Informed Jury, 75 Vand. L. Rev. (forthcoming 2021) (with Daniel Epps)
    • Confrontation in the Age of Plea Bargaining, 121 Colum. L. Rev. 451 (2021)
    • The Defender General, 168 U. Pa. L. Rev. 1469 (2020) (with Daniel Epps)
    • When Plea Bargaining Became Normal, 100 B.U. L. Rev. 1435 (2020) (Selected for Stanford/Harvard/Yale Junior Faculty Forum)
    • Second-Best Criminal Justice, 96 Wash. U. L. Rev. 1061 (2019)
  • Sanjukta Paul

    Assistant Professor Sanjukta Paul

    • Recovering the Moral Economy Foundations of the Sherman Act, 131 Yale L.J. (forthcoming 2021)
    • Solidarity in the Shadow of Antitrust: Labor & the Legal Idea of Competition, Cambridge University Press (forthcoming)
    • Labor in Competition Law, Cambridge University Press (forthcoming) (co-edited with Shae McCrystal and Ewan McGaughey)
    • Antitrust as Allocator of Coordination Rights, 67 UCLA L. Rev. 378 (2020)
    • Fissuring and the Firm Exemption, 82 Law & Contemp. Probs. 65 (2019)
  • Brad R. Roth

    Professor Brad R. Roth

    • Advancing Peaceful Settlement and Democratization: The Doubtful Usefulness of International Electoral Norms, in Marc Weller, Mark Retter, Jake Rylatt & Andrea Varga, eds., International Law and Peace Settlements (Cambridge University Press, 2021), pp. 333–55.
    • Legitimacy in the International Order: The Continuing Relevance of Sovereign States, Notre Dame Journal of International & Comparative Law 11 (2021), 60–90.
    • Gregory H. Fox & Brad R. Roth, Democracy and International Law: A (Re-)Introduction, in Fox & Roth, eds., Democracy and International Law (Edward Elgar Publishing, 2020), xii–lix.
    • Brad R. Roth, “Bilateral Recognition of States” in in Gëzim Visoka, John Doyle & Edward Newman, eds., The Routledge Handbook of State Recognition (Routledge, 2019), pp. 191–205.
    • Valerie Epps, John Cerone & Brad R. Roth, eds., International Law, 6th ed. (Carolina Academic Press, 2019)
    • Brad R. Roth, “Human Rights and Transitional Justice: Taiwan’s Adoption of the ICCPR and the Redress of 228 and Martial-Law-Era Injustices,” in Jerome A. Cohen, William P. Alford & Chang-fa Lo, eds., Taiwan and International Human Rights – A Story of Transformation, pp. 51–66.
  • Associate Professor Heather Walter-McCabe

    • The Challenges of Conducting Intrastate Policy Surveillance: A Methods Note on County and City Laws in Indiana, 111 Am. J. Pub. Health 1095 (2021) (with Lindsey Sanner, Sean Grant, Ross D. Silverman)
    • An Argument for Explicit Public Health Rationale In LGBTQ Antidiscrimination Law As A Tool For Stigma Reduction, 13 St. Louis U. J. Health, L. & Pol'y 147 (2020) (with K.M. Kinney)
    • Social Work As An Important Collaborator In Transdisciplinary Public Health Law: Why Does It Matter And Where Does It Fit? 13 St. Louis U. J. Health, L. & Pol'y 77 (2019)
    • Health Inequities in the LGBTQ Population, 52 Creighton L. Rev. 427 (2019) (with K.M. Kinney)
  • Associate Professor Eric Zacks

    Associate Professor Eric Zacks

    • Contract Consentability: Autonomy Threats, Benefits, and Framing, 66 Loy. L. Rev.
      103 (2020)
    • Yesterday I Was Lying: Creeping Preclusion of Reciprocal Fee Awards in Residential Foreclosure Litigation, 93 St. John's L. Rev. (2020) (with Dustin A. Zacks)
  • Steven Winter

    Distinguished Professor Steven Winter

    • Bridges of Law, Ideology, and Commitment, 37 Touro L. Rev. (forthcoming 2022)
    • ‘Who’ or ‘what’ is the rule of law?, Phil. & Soc. Crit. (June 29, 2021),
    • Does Justice Have a Syntax?, 69 J. Legal Ed. 200 (2021)
    • Keeping Faith with Nomos, 35 Touro L. Rev. 345 (2020)
  • Julia Qin

    Professor Julia Qin

    • WTO Reform: Multilateral Control over Unilateral Retaliation - Lessons from the US-China Trade War, 12(2) Trade, L. & Dev. 456 (2020)
    • Forced Technology Transfer and the US-China Trade War: Implications for International Economic Law, Special issue, 22 J. Int'l Econ. L. 743 (2019)
    • Market Benchmarks and Government Monopoly: The Case of Land and Natural Resources under Global Subsidies Regulation, 40 U. Pa. J. Int'l L. 575 (2019)
  • Tony Dillof

    Professor Anthony Dillof

    • Objective Punishment, 89 U. Cin. L. Rev. 628 (2021)
  • Anne Choike

    Assistant Professor (Clinical) Anne Choike

    • Feminist Judgements: Rewritten Corporate Law, Cambridge University Press (forthcoming 2021) (with Usha Rodrigues and Kelli Alces Williams)
    • A New Urban Front for Shareholder Primacy, 9 Mich. Bus. & Entrepreneurial L. Rev. 79 (2019)
  • Gregory Fox

    Professor Gregory Fox

    • State Consent within the Jus ad Bellum, 3 Max Planck Trialogues on the Law of Peace and War, Cambridge University Press (forthcoming 2020) (Anne Peters and Christian Marxsen, eds.)
  • Katherine White

    Professor Katherine White

    • Intellectual Property Litigation: Pretrial Practice, Wolters Kluwer (2019) (with Eric Dobrusin)
  • Laura Bartell

    Professor Laura Bartell

    • Bankruptcy and the Deceased Debtor: Rule 1016 in Practice, 94 Am. Bankr. L.J. 523 (2020)
    • Tax Foreclosures as Fraudulent Transfers – Are Auctions Really Necessary?, 93 Am. Bankr. L.J. 681 (2019)
    • Section 707(b) Standing for Parties in Interest - Who Cares, 93 Am. Bankr. L.J. 241 (2019)
    • Stern Claims and Article III Adjudication - The Bankruptcy Judge Knows Best, 35 Emory Bankr. Dev. J. 13 (2019)
  • Noah Hall

    Professor Noah Hall

    • The Boundary Waters Treaty, the International Joint Commission, and the Evolution of Transboundary Environmental Law and Governance, chapter in The First Century of the International Joint Commission, University of Calgary Press (2020) (with Dan Tarlock and Marcia Valiante) (Murray Clamen and Daniel Macfarlane, eds.)
    • Waters of the State, 59 Nat. Resources J. 59 (2019) (with Joseph Regalia)
  • Jon Weinberg

    Professor Jon Weinberg

    • United States v. Wong Kim Ark, in Feminist Judgments: Immigration Law (forthcoming)
    • Know Everything That Can Be Known about Everybody: The Birth of the Credit Report, 63 Vill. L. Rev. 431 (2018)
  • Professor Paul Dubinsky

    Professor Paul Dubinsky

    • Private Law Treaties and Federalism: Can the United States Lead, 54 Tex. Int'l L. J. 39 (2018)
  • David Moss

    Associate Professor (Clinical) David Moss

    • A Study of the Relationship between Law School Coursework and Bar Exam Outcomes, 68 J. Legal Ed (2019) (with Robert Kuehn)
  • Dean Richard Bierschbach

    • The Administrative Law of the Eighth (and Sixth) Amendment, in The Eighth Amendment and Its Future in a New Age of Punishment (William Berry & Meghan Ryan eds., Cambridge University Press 2020)
    • Equality in Multidoor Criminal Justice, 23 New Crim. L. Rev. 60 (2020)
  • Distinguished Service Professor John Mogk

    • Addressing Opioid Dependence: Overcoming Legal, Regulatory, and Financial Barriers to Multidisciplinary Buprenorphine-Focused Medication assisted treatment for Opioid Use Disorder, 23 Quinnipiac Health L.J., 247 (2019) (with Albert Asciutto)