I. Introduction

    1. Generally. These regulations govern the Master of Studies in Law ("M.S.L.") degree program. They may be amended by the Law School's faculty from time to time, and such amendments will be binding on all students from the date of amendment, unless otherwise provided in the amendment.
    2. Interpretation. The Dean or the Dean's designee is responsible for the interpretation and enforcement of these regulations. As long as the interpretation of these regulations by the Dean or the Dean's designee is not at variance with other applicable authorities, this interpretation shall be final.
    3. Commencement of studies. Students who have been accepted into the M.S.L. program may commence their studies at the beginning of the next following fall or winter semester. The Dean or the Dean's designee may, but need not, exercise discretion to allow an accepted student to delay the commencement of studies for up to two years after the first semester in which the student is eligible to commence.