VII. Grades

  1. Transcript to show all grades received. A student's transcript will show the letter grades received in all courses for which credit is granted toward completion of the M.S.L. degree. In accordance with VII.C.I, a student's transcript will also indicate any course from which a student withdraws along with the applicable notation. In accordance with IV.D.2 and IV.D.3, the transcript will note both grades received in repeated courses. The transcript will not show any courses that the student has dropped in accordance with IV.C.1.
  2. Letter grades. Students will be assigned grades from A through F in accordance with the following: 
    1. Grades of A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, and C are grades for which the student will receive credit towards the M.S.L. degree.
    2. Grades of C- and below are grades for which the student will not receive credit towards the M.S.L. degree.
    3. An "F" will be entered for (a) unsatisfactory performance in the course, (b) failure to complete coursework (including undergoing any required assessment) for a course with respect to which an "I" was entered by the applicable deadline, in accordance with IV.C.2, or (c) failure to withdraw from a course following notification pursuant to V.D that the failure to withdraw will result in a failing grade.
  3. Notation upon withdrawal from a course
    1. Withdrawal noted on transcript. When a student timely withdraws from a course under IV.C.3, the student's transcript will include a notation of "WP" (Withdrawal-Passing), "WF" (Withdrawal-Failing), or "WN" (Withdrawal-No Graded Work). This section does not apply when a student drops a course during the applicable drop period for that course.
    2. Selection of notation. If a student withdraws from a course, the course's instructor will assign the appropriate withdrawal grade based on the student's performance as of the date of withdrawal. If as of that date the instructor has no basis on which to assign a letter grade, the instructor will assign a "WN" (Withdrawal-No Graded Work). If as of that date a student has earned a passing grade, the instructor will assign a "WP" (Withdrawal-Passing). If as of that date the student has earned a failing grade, the instructor will assign a "WF" (Withdrawal-Failing).
    3. University policy applies. Assigning a withdrawal grade is subject to applicable University policy.
  4. Restrictions on instructor grade changes. An instructor may not change a final grade except for technical errors (e.g., computational errors or errors in transposing a grade). An instructor who submits a grade change to the Law School Records Office must also submit in writing the reason for the change, which shall be retained by the Law School Records Office as part of the student's grade records.
  5. Calculation of grade point average
    1. GPA to determine academic standing. A student's academic standing in the Law School will be determined by the student's cumulative GPA for all courses completed in the M.S.L. program.
    2. Grading point system. For purposes of calculating the GPA, grade points are assigned as follows:
        A = 4.00
        A- = 3.67 
        B+ = 3.33
        B = 3.00
        B- = 2.67
        C+ = 2.33
        C = 2.00
        C- or below = 0.00
    3. Calculation of GPA. As the term is used in these Academic Regulations, a student's cumulative GPA shall be as calculated by the Law School Records Office in accordance with its normal procedures.
  6. Grade review and appeal
    1. Records Office to notify students of grades. As soon as administratively feasible, the Law School Records Office will officially notify each student in writing or electronically of the grades the student earned in courses completed during each semester.
    2. Informal grade review with instructor. A student may ask an instructor for informal review of any grade assigned to that student by that instructor.
    3. Appeal to Dean or Dean's designee
      1. Requirements for appeal. A student may appeal a grade to the Dean or the Dean's designee if and only if the dispute cannot be resolved through informal review by the instructor with the student, and the dispute involves an allegation that the grade was based on one or more of the following:
        1. improper discriminatory criteria, including without limitation the following: race, color, religion, national origin, sex (including gender identity), sexual orientation, sexual harassment or discrimination, marital status, familial status, age, height, weight, veteran status, or disability;
        2. other invidious or arbitrary criteria; or 
        3. the instructor's failure to comply with these Regulations.
      2. Procedure for grade appeal. Any grade appeal must be submitted in writing to the Dean's Office within 30 days following official notification from the Law School Records Office of the grade. The Dean or the Dean's designee will review the complaint and invite the instructor to reply in writing to the objections of the student. If there are reasonable grounds to believe that the student's complaint is valid, the Dean or the Dean's designee will afford the parties the opportunity for a hearing. Within 60 days following receipt of the appeal, the Dean or the Dean's designee will render a final written decision that will, if the grade is changed, be retained by the Law School Records Office as part of the student's grade records.