Travel expenses, requisitions and reimbursements


All travel must be approved by the associate dean prior to encumbering the university with any expenses for travel. Travel Authorization and Expense Report forms are available in the Law School's Business Office, Room 3305 on the third floor.  

You must enter the trip information and estimated expenses on the form and submit it to the Business Office at least four weeks prior to the date of travel. The Business Office will submit the form and documentation outlining the business purpose and funding sources to the associate dean for approval. 

Expenses eligible for reimbursement include conference registrations, airfare, lodging, meals, parking, etc. Reimbursement for meals is at a per diem rate determined by the U.S. General Services Administration based on the destination city. Any meals that are included with the conference/competition won't be included in the per diem reimbursement. Reimbursement for lodging and meals will be approved only for those days and nights when it is reasonably necessary for students to be traveling in connection with approved activities. Travelers will stay in moderately priced hotels, and students of the same gender will share rooms (two to a room).

To be reimbursed for your travel, you must submit all original receipts to the Business Office within 15 days of your return. 

Contact the Business Office at (313) 577-3992 or (313) 577-2602 if you have questions. Business Office staff will coordinate the purchase of all tickets for air travel through the university travel agent. You won't be reimbursed for airfare that you have purchased.

Purchase requisitions

External events for fundraising and other purposes require a purchase requisition so that a purchase order can be established for payment of the site rental, food or other expenses. The purchase requisition must be processed in advance. A copy of the program announcement, a list of attendees, a detailed account of the business purpose of the event and the funding source must be given to the Business Office so that a purchase requisition can be prepared. Per university policy (APPM 1.3.1, Expense Guidelines), reimbursement for food expense isn't permitted unless part of the group being entertained consists of non-students and non-employees. 

Purchase requisitions also are required for printing, ordering promotional materials for your organization or other items that require a quote from a vendor. For these types of purchases, a quote from the desired vendor, an explanation of the business purpose and the funding source should be submitted. Bring information to the Business Office four weeks before desired project completion date to ensure the paperwork can be properly processed and approved. This will assist with getting the vendor paid in a timely manner.

Note: Only a designated university official can enter into a contract on behalf of the Law School or Wayne State University. Individuals who enter into contracts on behalf of the university without permission may be personally held responsible for payment of the resulting invoice(s).

Other food/events, copying expenses

Per university policy (APPM, 1.3.1, Expense Guidelines), reimbursement for food expense isn't permitted unless part of the group being entertained consists of non-students and non-employees. Requests for food reimbursement must include a written description of the official purpose of the event, date, location and a list of the attendees and their affiliation to the university.

For an event on campus, the required vendor is Aramark/McGregor. If total food expense is less than $200, another on-campus vendor may be used. If you are ordering food for events from Aramark/McGregor or copy services from Kinko's, see the Business Office to obtain the proper forms. 


Before arranging for any expenditure, consult the Business Office. You won't be reimbursed if you are in violation of the WSU Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual.

Contact the Business Office, Room 3305 on the third floor of the Law School, at (313) 577-2602 with questions.