J.D. Academic Regulations

  1. Requirements for the Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree
    1. Summary of requirements                                                                                 
    2. Bachelor's degree or equivalent
    3. Required courses                              
    4. Credit and grade point average (GPA) requirements
    5. Length of study requirements
    6. Upper-level writing requirement (ULWR)
    7. Experiential learning requirement (ELR) and other rules governing clinics, externships, and simulation courses
    8. Rules governing seminars and directed studies
    9. Rules governing co-curriculars
    10. Academic eligibility and probation
  2. Courses
    1. Course elections and assignments
    2. Changes in course elections
    3. Maximum course load
  3. Attendance, participation, and limits on remunerative work
    1. Attendance and class preparation required
    2. Instructor implementation of attendance and class preparation requirements
    3. Involuntary withdrawal for student barred from final examination
    4. Notice to students of course attendance and participation policy
    5. Notice to student in jeopardy of certain adverse actions
    6. Discretionary additional coursework
    7. Grade adjustments in anonymously graded courses to reflect attendance/participation
    8. Limits on remunerative work         
  4. Examinations, papers, re-examinations, and other assessment procedures
    1. Instructor's grading policy
    2. Take-home examinations
    3. Proctored examinations
    4. Rules regarding the use of laptop computers and other electronic devices in proctored examinations   
    5. Courses with papers and written coursework other than examinations
    6. Course repetition and re-examinations
  5. Grades
    1. Transcript to show all grades received
    2. Grading norms for required courses
    3. Letter grades
    4. Non-letter grades
    5. Grades for co-curricular activities and courses taken outside Law School
    6. Pass-No Credit grading
    7. Procedures and restrictions on instructor grade changes
    8. Calculation of GPA
    9. Withdrawal
    10. Special rules regarding the grade of Incomplete
    11. Grade review and appeal
    12. Determination of honors
  6. Student conduct issues
    1. University Student Code of Conduct governs
    2. Reporting to Assistant Dean for Student Engagement and Culture
    3. Reporting to bar admission authorities
  7. Readmission
    1. Petition for readmission
    2. Review and action by Readmissions Committee
    3. Readmission procedure
  8. Concurrent degrees
  9. Applicability

Credit hours policy (Appendix A)

Grading norms (Appendix B)

COVID-19 (Appendix C)

Grading policy for fall 2020 semester (Appendix D)

The J.D. Academic Regulations were revised in May 2019 and approved by the faculty on May 7, 2019. The regulations are effective as of May 20, 2019. Appendix C was approved by the faculty on March 31, 2020. Appendix D was approved by the faculty on Dec. 21, 2020. 

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