VII. Readmission

  1. Petition for readmission. A student who on academic grounds is ineligible to register for additional courses pursuant to I.J.3. may petition the Dean or the Dean's designee for readmission. The student's petition will be referred to the faculty Readmissions Committee for review and recommendation. A student may apply for readmission only once. A student whose cumulative GPA, as determined by the Law School Records Office, is below 1.0 may not petition for readmission.
  2. Review and action by Readmissions Committee. After review, the faculty Readmissions Committee may recommend that a petitioner be readmitted subject to such conditions as the Readmissions Committee deems appropriate, provided that the circumstances convince the Readmissions Committee that (1) further efforts by the petitioner following readmission are likely to result in success and (2) either the petitioner has not had sufficient opportunity to demonstrate capacity for law school work or the petitioner's previous Law School grades do not accurately reflect the petitioner's ability and capacity for the study of law.
  3. Readmission procedure. If, in accordance with VII.B., the Readmissions Committee recommends readmission, the petitioner will be permitted to enroll in additional courses at the Law School, subject to such conditions as recommended by the Readmissions Committee. Following readmission, the student will be on academic probation under I.J.2. until such time as the student's cumulative GPA is at least 2.0.