Grading Policy for Winter 2020 Semester (COVID-19 Outbreak)

Appendix C

In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, the following rules apply, and any conflicting provisions of these Academic Regulations are waived, for the Winter 2020 semester only:

  • All graded coursework (including classes, clinics, seminars, externships and directed studies) will be graded on a mandatory pass/no credit basis, except the required first-year Legal Research and Writing course and co-curricular activities graded on a credit/no credit basis under V.E. of the Academic Regulations.   
  • Students in first-year Legal Research and Writing will be assigned letter grades in accordance with the Academic Regulations as applicable without regard to this Appendix C, except that letter grades will be determined based solely on assignments due on or before March 16, 2020 (the first class day after the Winter 2020 spring break).
  • Co-curricular activities, which are currently assigned a grade of credit/no credit in accordance with V.E. of the Academic Regulations, will still receive a grade of credit/no credit for Winter 2020.
  • The determination of "pass" for J.D. students for Winter 2020 will be made only on a "sufficient to receive credit" basis.  Faculty will determine only whether a student's work is sufficient to receive credit and will not report preliminary letter grades to the Law School Registrar.
  • Notwithstanding IV.A. of the Academic Regulations, faculty may deviate from the grading policy stated in syllabi or otherwise communicated to students for Winter 2020 courses.
  • The adoption of pass/no credit grading for the Winter 2020 semester will not reduce the total of four pass/no credit elections available to students under V.F.2. of the Academic Regulations.  Any pass/no credit election made by a student before the adoption of this Appendix C for a Winter 2020 class will be disregarded and will not count toward the maximum of four pass/no credit elections available to that student under V.F.2.  Students in future semesters will still be subject to the limitations under V.F.2. of no more than one pass/no credit election per semester.
  • A student who receives "No Credit" for a Winter 2020 required course (all first-year courses and Professional Responsibility) will be treated as having received an "F" for purposes of eligibility to re-test in that course under IV.F.2. of the Academic Regulations.
  • Any student currently on academic probation will be given an additional semester to raise that student's cumulative GPA under I.J.2. of the Academic Regulations. 
  • To the extent permitted by the University, any student with an outstanding grade of Incomplete at the end of the Winter 2020 semester will be given additional time to complete the necessary coursework and finish the class.