VI. Assessment procedures

  1. Notice of grading policy. Before the end of the applicable drop period for a course, the instructor will provide written notice to both the students enrolled in the course and the Law School Records Office of the instructor's grading policy for the course. The notice must specify each assessment method that will be used, and the contribution of each such method to the final grade.
  2. Deadline for written coursework. In all courses in which a student's final grade depends in whole or in part on one or more written papers or other written coursework, the instructor will specify in writing the date by which the student must submit such coursework. The date shall be no later than the final day of the examination period for the semester in which the student is enrolled in the course.
  3. Scheduled assessments missed due to emergency. If a student is absent from a scheduled assessment and establishes to the satisfaction of the Dean or the Dean's designee that an illness or some emergency beyond the student's control caused the student either to miss the assessment or to fail to complete the assessment after beginning it, the student may, if permitted by both the instructor and the Dean or the Dean's designee:
    1. be assigned an "I" (Incomplete) for the course, in which case the provisions of IV.C.2 shall apply; or
    2. undergo the assessment.
  4. Assessment timing and conflicts
    1. Two conflicting assessments. If assessments in two courses are scheduled at the same time on the same day, a student enrolled in both courses must undergo one assessment immediately preceding the other to the extent administratively feasible as determined by the Law School Records Office.
    2. Three or more assessments scheduled within a 24-hour period. If a student has three or more assessments scheduled within a single 24-hour period, the student may request permission to undergo one assessment at a later time. With the permission of the Dean or the Dean's designee, the Law School Records Office will schedule the later assessment time as soon as administratively feasible.
    3. Variance permitted for extraordinary circumstances. Other than as specified in VI.D.1 and VI.D.2, the Dean or Dean's designee may authorize a variance for a scheduled assessment only in extraordinary circumstances.