Italian-American Law Student Association

Who we are

The Italian-American Law Student Association was formed to better leverage the shared heritage of our members as we progress through law school and eventually become attorneys. The intent of this organization is to strengthen the connection between Wayne Law and both the legal and general Italian-American community of southeast Michigan, as well as to provide an identifiable and supportive forum for Italian-American students at Wayne Law.

What we do

Our organization aims to better connect the Italian-American community to Wayne Law. Through this connection, we hope to foster networking opportunities for our members and other Wayne Law students with the Italian-American business and legal communities, invite influential and inspiring speakers to campus who have ties to the Italian-American or Wayne Law communities, as well as provide a guiding presence to new members entering Wayne Law who may share a common ethnic background.

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2019-20 Co-Presidents: Jessica Biondo, Gabriela Grimaldi

Advocating for justice, serving the community, revitalizing Detroit and Michigan