Character and fitness

All lawyers must be of requisite character and fitness to practice law. The duty to report character or fitness issues is continuous from the point when you apply to Wayne Law through graduation. Please review Sections 11 and 14 below taken from the Wayne Law Admissions Application for reference.

To request the disclosure form, email

Incoming students

Your admission application requires you to provide information relating to character and fitness. If you haven't fully disclosed conduct that should have been reported, you should amend your application as soon as possible by completing the disclosure form, explaining the conduct and the reason for your failure to initially disclose it.

If conduct covered by the admission application character and fitness questions occurs after you have submitted your application but before you begin law school, you should amend your application by submitting the disclosure form.

Current students

Once you start school, you should disclose all conduct covered by the admissions application character and fitness questions that you previously haven't reported, or that occurs after you commence law school, as soon as possible to the assistant dean of student engagement and culture by completing disclosure form.

Amending for other reasons

You can amend your application for reasons unrelated to character and fitness by submitting a letter of explanation to the assistant dean of student engagement and culture at