Black Law Students Association

Who we are

The Black Law Students Association (BLSA) is an organization formed to articulate and promote the needs & goals of black law students and effectuate change in the legal community.

What we do

The Black Law Students Association is designed to:

  • Foster and encourage the academic excellence and professional competence of all law students.
  • Instill in the law student a greater commitment to the needs of the community at large.
  • Enable the student to initiate positive change within the legal system.
  • Facilitate diverse involvement and collaboration within the Wayne State community.
  • Provide the resources necessary for the accomplishment of these goals.

The association is founded on four pillars: Build, Lead, Serve and Advocate for our community and for our people.


Black Law Students Association

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2018-19 contact - Monique Eubanks

Advocating for justice, serving the community, revitalizing Detroit and Michigan