College of Fine, Performing and Communication Arts

The Minor in Law through the College of Fine, Performing and Communication Arts requires a minimum of 18 credits.

Thinking like a lawyer

Individuals in creative fields, whether visual or performing arts or communications, will often work in areas strongly affected by legal frameworks in ways that may not be obvious at first glance. For example, having an understanding of property law (especially copyright) is critical for anyone seeking to protect creative work. With a background in law, professionals can help creative artists view their work in the broader legal context and build their skills in protecting and promoting their work

More generally, being comfortable with legal terminology and concepts will give any communicator an edge in professional environments that involve interaction with legal professionals or the legal system.

The practice of law requires excellent skills in human interaction and in many cases, the ability to develop arguments, advocate, assess arguments, and engage in critical thinking. Public presentation, performance and communication skills are critical. Many students elect to study communication, theatre, improvisation, and argument and debate to develop skills for a career in law.


The opportunities are endless! For students in the College of Fine, Performing and Communication Arts, these careers are top of mind: 

  • Public relations professional
  • Political consultant
  • Journalist
  • Music business record labels, etc
  • Galleries
  • Theatre management

Real-life application

Many accomplished CFPCA alumni have blended their communications background with the law. Here are just a couple of examples:

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