Q&A with Rheyana Karjo

Wayne Law interviewed political science major Rheyana Karjo about her experience with the Minor in Law program and her career goals.

Rheyana KrjoWhy did you decide to pursue the Minor in Law?

I decided to pursue the Minor in Law program because I wanted to expand my knowledge in the legal field to better prepare myself for law school. Another reason is that I knew I would meet like-minded students who share a passion for the law like myself. People with similar goals tend to work more diligently and effectively together, and as an undergraduate student who plans on applying to law schools, I was confident that I would meet fellow students like myself who would be helpful and make the experience worthwhile.

What is the best thing about your coursework and your instructors in the program?

Some positive attributes I noticed within this program include the structure of the courses in comparison with other undergraduate courses (mostly reading, writing, and lectures), and working independently rather than having group projects. I believe that these attributes will grant me the opportunity to have a smoother transition into law school as I now have some sort of understanding as to what is expected of me as a law student.

What is your favorite part of the program?

Above all, my favorite part about the minor in law is the amount of exposure I am gratefully receiving. In my first year in the program, I learned a wide variety of legal concepts, ranging from how to write case briefs while paying close attention to detail, to how legal documents are drafted and used in a court of law. I am currently a legal assistant at a law firm, and my knowledge from the minor in law courses has given me a better understanding of the legal process and is applicable to certain aspects of my job.

How are you better prepared for your future career?

My decision to pursue the minor in law has made me more confident in my abilities and desire to become an attorney. My experiences in this program have caused me to look further into the types of law I would be interested in practicing after having a decent amount of exposure to several law courses.

If you were to recommend the program, what would you say?

If you are thinking about applying to law schools, this program will be very beneficial in helping you make that decision. I know of a few classmates who were unsure if they wanted to apply to law schools, and enrolling in this program made the decision much easier for them. I also believe that this is a great minor for students who are not interested in applying to law schools because this program succeeds in addressing introductory legal topics that help individuals to better understand the basics of the legal system.

Is there anything you would like to add?

I don't believe that the minor in law program is just for students who want to be future attorneys. I believe this minor is also sufficient for students who are simply interested in learning more about the law. This program has already given many students an elaborate introduction to the legal process, and I believe it will continue to inspire students to pay more attention to the legal field.