Wayne Law Posting Policy

The goals of the new posting policy are: to reduce the clutter of fliers taped to surfaces in the building, present a neater appearance for visitors, protect painted surfaces from marring and make better use of the facilities staff time. The Student Affairs Committee, composed of law students (50%) and faculty, reviewed this policy and agreed with its contents.

Law School students, faculty and staff are encouraged to promote information about their meetings and events via Wayne Law's daily and weekly email communications. Contact Kaylee Place, director of marketing and communications, for further assistance at kaylee.place@wayne.edu or (313) 577-4629.

There are several spaces throughout the Law School where officially recognized Law School student organizations, law students, faculty, administrative offices and a limited number of solicitors are able to post. The Law School reserves the right to take down all postings that don't comply with the policy or those displayed past the advertised event or deadline.

Review the entire policy before posting announcements and other information. The posting policy applies to all students and student groups. 

All posters/fliers shall only be posted on:

  • Bulletin boards (that aren't being used by a student organization or Law School office/department, e.g. the law library)
    • There are two large bulletin boards along the basement stairwell.
  • Four-sided kiosk in front lobby and the kiosk in the law library foyer. Note: According to a recent law student survey, the kiosk in the front lobby is one of the top locations where students read fliers that are posted.
  • Wooden doors outside of the classrooms (Please don't post on metal doors as these are painted surfaces.)
  • Transparent sleeves in front entry and in various locations throughout the school (elevators, stairwells, doors, etc.)
  • There are more than 50 double-sided, clear sleeve jackets throughout the school. Most are located in the front foyer. Others are found in stairwells and near the elevators.
  • Note: According to a recent law student survey, the transparent sleeves on the front entry doors are the top location where students read fliers that are posted.

No posting is allowed on the following:

  • ANY painted surface
  • Glass windows (especially the front lobby windows)
  • Elevator walls (there are sleeves in the elevators for posting)
  • Inside classrooms

Posting etiquette

  • Don't post on top of another flier. 
  • Be courteous of others and limit the number of posters and fliers posted in a given space (e.g. don't post 10 campaign fliers on the same bulletin board).
  • Don't remove any posting or flier without permission. If there is an inappropriate posting or posting found in an unauthorized space, contact Student Affairs and a staff member will remove the posting, if necessary.
  • Please be courteous and remove your fliers after the event; otherwise maintenance, Student Affairs or Communications staff will remove it.

Campaign materials

  • All law student candidates running for Student Board of Governors (and/or other student organizations if applicable) must adhere to the above policies.
  • Please review the SBG Election Regulations regarding the posting of campaign materials
    • Materials shall not exceed 9 inches by 11 inches in size.
    • Campaign literature and paraphernalia may be distributed anywhere except within the classroom building on the days of election.
    • Campaign paraphernalia consists of small trinkets or baked goods, fliers, post cards, etc.
    • Campaign paraphernalia shall not consist of inflatables or other materials that will obstruct walkways and/or otherwise present a hazard or nuisance.
  • Report any campaign posting violations or concerns to Student Affairs.
  • Student Affairs and/or Law School staff reserve the right to remove any postings or paraphernalia/items in violation of this policy.


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