Student grade posting

When final grades for a course are approved, they will be posted onto Canvas prior to being posted anywhere else. If you want to know if your grade is in, check your WSU Canvas account. You will use the same access ID and password as your WSU email account and Academica to log in to Canvas.

Once your grade is posted in the "Announcement" section for a course, you should get an email notification from "no-reply" with a statement to that effect.

Law School grades are due four weeks after an exam is taken. We cannot guarantee that all grades will be posted promptly by this deadline, due to the grade approval process.

Note: Canvas is being used specifically for group grade announcements. Your grade in a course may not be posted to your transcript until a few days after the grades have been posted in Canvas.

Once your grade for a class has been posted to your transcript, you will be able to view it in Academica. You will need to know your access ID (e.g. az1234).