Student grade posting

Law School grades are due from faculty to the Law School Records Office four weeks after an exam is taken. Grades are not necessarily posted to transcripts by the 4-week deadline, however, because there is a grade approval process that must be completed before grades are posted and that begins only after grades are submitted to the Records Office by faculty.

For courses in which students are permitted to make Pass/No Credit elections, letter grades for the students who made a Pass/No Credit election will be posted by exam number in Canvas, prior to being posted to transcripts, in order to allow those students to revoke their elections in accordance with the Academic Regulations. The Canvas system should generate an email notification to you when group letter grades are posted for a particular class. To check your letter grade in a course for which you elected Pass/No Credit, check your WSU Canvas account. You will use the same Access ID and password as your WSU email account and Academica to log into Canvas.

Final grades, whether letter grades or Pass/No Credit, will generally be posted to transcripts within a few days after letter grades for those electing Pass/No Credit are posted by exam number to Canvas. Once your grade for a class has been posted to your transcript, you will be able to view it in Academica. You will need to know your Wayne Access ID (e.g. az1234) and password to log in to Academica.