Criminal Appellate Practice Clinic

Photo of Douglas W. Baker and Jacqueline J. McCannIn this clinical course, taught by assistant defenders from the State Appellate Defender Office, each student prepares a criminal appellate brief on behalf of a real client incarcerated in a Michigan prison who has been convicted of a felony after a jury trial.

The students review the trial transcript and exhibits, identify appealable issues, interview and counsel their clients and present mock oral arguments to a panel of experienced criminal appellate practitioners. Ultimately, the students have their briefs submitted to the Michigan Court of Appeals.

The Criminal Appellate Practice Clinic course is available for four graded credits. Enrollment is limited to eight students.

Co-teaching this clinical course for fall semester 2015 are Douglas W. Baker, an assistant defender since 1997, and Jacqueline J. McCann, an assistant defender since 2001 who previously served as a special assistant defender. (Both are pictured.)

For more information, email or call (313) 577-4015.

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