Disability Law Clinic


The Disability Law Clinic addresses the unique legal needs of Detroit-area residents with disabilities, helping them obtain the support, services, and accommodations they need to live independent and productive lives in the community. It provides free legal aid to people with disabilities in civil and administrative matters related to their disabilities (e.g. disability civil rights, special education, health insurance coverage, guardianship/conservatorship, Social Security Disability Insurance/SSI).

Current projects include a federal lawsuit against the Law School Admission Council, alleging that the LSAT discriminates against blind test-takers; an administrative complaint challenging a condominium association's refusal to adopt a no-smoking policy as an accommodation for a resident with severe respiratory problems; and a charter school's failure to accommodate a student with chronic migraine headaches.

For students

Students, working in pairs, represent several clients, from investigating the facts, researching the law and counseling the client, to representing the client in negotiations, court and administrative hearings. Students participate in all aspects of the clinic's operations, from intake, case acceptance, and individual client representation, to community education and system-reform efforts.

The Disability Law Clinic is available for six (6) credits. Enrollment is limited and varies each semester. The Disability Law Clinic meets the experiential education requirement. Preference for clinic enrollment will be given to graduating students and students who have not previously taken a clinic.


  • Completed all required first-year courses
  • Good academic standing – at least a cumulative 2.0 GPA or higher
  • LEX 6800 – Professional Responsibility
  • Consent of instructor

For donors

Please consider investing in the work of the clinics by making a gift. Visit giving.wayne.edu or contact Rob MacGregor, senior director of philanthropy, (313) 577-4141 or rmacgregor@wayne.edu.


Due to COVID-19, Wayne Law's clinics are temporarily unable to accommodate walk-ins. Please use the information below to reach the Disability Law Clinic. 

Associate Professor (Clinical) David Moss
Director, Disability Law Clinic

For more information, email lawclinics@wayne.edu or call (313) 577-4015.