Judicial clerkships

A postgraduate judicial clerkship is an excellent start to a legal career. As a judicial law clerk you will have the opportunity to learn from a skilled jurist, develop your research and writing skills, learn the intricacies of civil, criminal or administrative courtroom procedure, and interact with attorneys practicing before the court. Additionally, judicial clerkships are prestigious positions that may give you a competitive edge when applying for future legal positions.

Judicial clerkships exist at every level of the federal and state courts, and in federal and state administrative agencies. However, the processes and procedures to identify and apply for clerkships vary. Likewise, preferences for clerkship candidates' academic standing, co-curricular experience, and work experience differ from court to court and sometimes from judge to judge.

The Wayne Law Judicial Clerkship Program assists all current students, recent graduates and other alumni interested in judicial clerkships. Each academic year, Wayne Law's Office of Career and Professional Development conducts a variety of programs to introduce judicial clerkships and how they enhance a legal career, discuss application processes, timelines and resources, and provide tips for drafting competitive clerkship applications. We also offer individual counseling, review application materials, facilitate submission of letters of recommendation and help candidates prepare for interviews.

If you have questions about whether a judicial clerkship is right for you and how to pursue clerkships, the Office of Career and Professional Development is ready to assist you. You may register your interest in clerkships here or contact Diane Fears, director of the Office of Career and Professional Development, to schedule an appointment. For additional resources, visit our Canvas course.

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