An array of merit scholarships and awards are available for Wayne Law students. Incoming J.D. students are automatically considered for merit and other scholarships once they file the online Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Limited scholarships are available for continuing J.D. students and LL.M. students. International students (including LL.M. students who are international students) should contact the Law School's Scholarship Office for information about applying for scholarships and awards.

The Scholarship Office can be reached at or call (313) 577-3996.

Robert and Marie Fayz Endowed Scholarship

  • The purpose of this scholarship is to recognize the achievements of and provide financial assistance to full- or part-time J.D. and LL.M. students who speak Arabic or have taken a leadership role in the Middle Eastern Law Students Association or the Muslim Law Students Association. Applicants must have a minimum GPA of 3.0.

Michael L. and Peggy Goldberg Pitt Award

  • This award was created by Michael J. Pitt, '74, and Peggy Goldberg Pitt to provide financial assistance and special services to law students with physical disabilities.

Iannotti Endowed Scholarship

  • Daniel V. Iannotti, '79, a long-time supporter of the Law School, established this award soon after graduation. This scholarship is awarded to an upper-class student who has demonstrated qualities of scholarship and character and is a member of the Italian American Law Student Association.

Thomas H. Oehmke Endowed Scholarship

  • This scholarship will award 10 second, third or fourth-year students up to $500 each. Eligible students will have a GPA between 2.0 and 3.5 and will be a resident of Michigan for at least 12 months immediately preceding admission to Wayne Law.

The Honorable Daniel S. and Sarah Opperman Endowed Scholarship

  • This scholarship's primary purpose is to recognize the dedication of students participating in judicial clerkships. Applicants must be full time and must have served as a judicial clerk while enrolled at Wayne Law.

Ruth and Mitchell Bacow Endowed Scholarship

  • This award was established to honor Mitchell Bacow, '41. It will be awarded to an upper-class law student who has demonstrated the highest professional responsibility and ethical standards.

John Cabaniss Endowed Scholarship

  • This scholarship honors John Cabaniss, '81, a loyal supporter of Wayne Law. The award will be given to Wayne State University Law School students who have left other careers to pursue law degrees.

A. Albert Sugar Memorial Annual Scholarship

  • Ruth Beresh created this scholarship in memory of her father, A. Albert Sugar, who was a friend and supporter of the Law School. Mr. Sugar practiced law for more than 50 years and is remembered for his commitment to the ethics and equitable treatment of all people. This scholarship is awarded to a student who has taken a leadership role in the Jewish Law Student Association and who has demonstrated integrity, strong academic achievement and a commitment to the betterment of the community. Applicants need not demonstrate financial need and a minimum GPA is not required.

Cockrel/Ravitz Memorial Endowed Scholarship and Loan Repayment Award

  • This scholarship was established in memory of both Justin Charles Ravitz and Kenneth V. Cockrel Sr. Students who are enrolled full- or part-time and have demonstrated an interest in public interest law will be given preference for this award. This award is based on merit with preference given to an outstanding student who has served, or who has committed to serve, in internships related to public interest law.

Cohen Memorial Endowed Loan Repayment

  • The Jerry S. Cohen Memorial Endowed Loan Repayment Fund will provide $5,000 awards for student loan repayment to one or more J.D. graduates who take employment in the field of public interest or public service law and who have outstanding law school student loan debt. The employment requirement includes but isn't limited to providing legal services where financial sacrifice on behalf of the public interest is genuine, which may include agencies such as the Legal Aid and Defender's Office; antitrust or consumer welfare bureaus of the attorney general, city or corporation counsel; public interest or service organizations, such as Public Citizen, Public Interest Research Group, Consumer Federation of America, American Civil Liberties Union; and immigration legal aid and nonprofit organizations providing service to the underrepresented, minorities, the elderly or the poor. Students who take state or federal judicial clerkships immediately upon graduating from the Law School aren't eligible for this scholarship while so employed.

F. Philip Colista Endowed Scholarship

  • This scholarship was created in memory of F. Philip Colista, '60. Mr. Colista was instrumental in establishing the Free Legal Aid Clinic at Wayne State University. This award will be made to a second-year student who has demonstrated a commitment to using his or her legal skills on behalf of the underprivileged in the community.

Menendez-Diaz Endowed Scholarship

  • This scholarship was established in memory of George Menendez, '49, and in honor of Dr. Fernando Diaz, '95, for the purpose of recognizing and honoring outstanding law students. Applicants may be full- or part-time students who serve as members in Hispanic organizations, show involvement with the Hispanic community or speak Spanish.

Dighe Family Endowed Scholarship

  • Students who have participated in an internship or externship in government/public service, non-profit or a non-governmental organization with a public service mission (NGO) in the Washington, D.C. area will receive preference. Applicants must have a minimum 2.5 GPA.

Freda and Ernest Goodman Endowed Scholarship

  • This scholarship was established in honor of Freda and Ernest Goodman, a founder of Goodman, Eden, Millender & Bedrosian. The scholarship is awarded to a student who demonstrates a substantial interest in, and significant contribution to, the goals of civil rights and social justice exemplified by the professional and public life of Mr. Goodman.

Fishman Stewart PLLC Scholarship

  • This scholarship was established by the firm of Rader, Fishman & Grauer PLLC, internationally known in the field of intellectual property and a generous supporter and friend of Wayne Law. The award will be made to a full- or part-time law student with high academic performance and an interest in intellectual property, especially patent law. The candidate for this scholarship should have a bachelor's degree in a technical subject recognized by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office or be registered to practice as a patent agent.

Izumi Family Endowed Scholarship

  • This scholarship was established by former Dean Frank H. Wu and his wife Carol Izumi to honor the memory of her parents, Shinsuke Edwin and Misao Izumi. Applicants must demonstrate a commitment to issues of civil rights and social justice.

Marilyn Kelly Public Interest Scholarship

  • This scholarship was established to assist law students who demonstrate a commitment to engage in public interest legal work during and following their studies and who intend to remain in the state of Michigan after graduation. Applicants must have financial need and a minimum of a 3.0 GPA.

Stephen R. Levine Memorial Endowed Scholarship

  • This scholarship was established in memory of Stephen R. Levine, '76. The award recognizes scholastic achievement, encourages continued progress and provides assistance to a night school student in the J.D. program with financial need.

 Judge Claudia House Morcom Scholarship

  • This scholarship was established by Judge Morcom as a way to give back to Wayne Law. Applicants must be committed to peace and justice, non-violence, sharing of resources and service with those who share the vision of world optimism and who work to preserve civil and human rights for all people.

George Peck Endowed Scholarship for Superior Advocacy

  • This scholarship was established by George Peck, '80, in memory of his late father, Dr. Theodore E. Peck, to recognize dedication to passionate and creative advocacy, intelligent and persuasive oral and written argument, and excellence in public speaking. This award will be given to the student who best exemplifies these traits and demonstrated superior advocacy during the year.

John W. Reed Endowed Scholarship

  • This scholarship is awarded to an upper-class student chosen by the dean on the basis of academic excellence and evidence of professionalism. The scholarship has been funded primarily by the Fellows of the International Society of Barristers for which former Dean Reed has served as administrator and editor since 1979.

John E.S. Scott Endowed Memorial Scholarship in Trial Advocacy

  • This scholarship is awarded in memory of John E. S. Scott, '61, who had a distinguished 45-year career as a trial lawyer. The award is given to a student who has excelled in advocacy skills and trial practice at the Law School. Applicants enrolled in Mock Trial (formerly Student Trial Advocacy Program) will be given preference.

Max Smitt Endowed Scholarship

  • This scholarship was established to honor Max Smitt, an eminent member of the Michigan State Bar, by his sister Helene Warren. The scholarship is need-based and awarded to honor high scholastic achievement of students enrolled in the Wayne Law J.D. program.

Alan R. Waterstone Memorial Endowed Scholarship

  • The Honorable Mary J. Waterstone established this award in honor of her late husband, Alan R. Waterstone, who for 32 years served Wayne State University Law School and its students as adjunct professor of law. Applicants must be from the City of Detroit, have a commitment to the City of Detroit, and have academic standing in the top half of their class.

Mark Weiss and M. Jon Posner Memorial Scholarship Fund

  • This scholarship honors Mark Weiss and M. Jon Posner, who devoted their legal skills to fight for equal justice by serving the needs of the poor and powerless. It will be awarded to a full-time, part-time or J.D. graduate student who demonstrates an interest in practicing non-governmental public interest law. The award will be made on the basis of merit to an outstanding student who has a proven interest in non-governmental public interest law.

Robert Blasier Annual Law Scholarship

  • This scholarship is intended to partially repay individuals who have given themselves for their country or community, particularly veterans of the armed serviced or public safety (police and fire services). Minimum 2.5 GPA required. Awards will be made based on donor specific point system. An outline of the point system is available to review in the scholarship office.