Master's thesis

The culmination of Wayne Law's LL.M. program is a master's thesis written under the supervision of a faculty advisor at the Law School.

What to expect while undertaking and completing this aspect of the LL.M. program:

  • Goals One of the goals of the thesis requirement is for students to pull together various strands of their legal education and work experience and bring these to bear on a legal issue at a highly advanced level.
  • Expectations The thesis should have a clear thesis and should be an original work of research. The most important aspect of the thesis is that it advances a significant idea or set of ideas that originates with the student. The thesis must contain a clearly defined argument, a mastery of the existing literature, and a well-organized and edited manuscript. All master's theses┬ámust be submitted in English.
  • Procedures Students can undertake the master's thesis at any time during their LL.M. studies, but most students complete the written portion of the project in the last semester of their studies. Students formally commence the master's thesis by registering for LEX 8999, but progress on the project should begin much earlier. Students are encouraged to consult with the assistant dean of non-J.D. programs and the LL.M. faculty director early on in their studies.┬áPrior to registering for LEX 8999, students must submit a completed form LLM-8999 to the faculty director and then obtain the director's approval to undertake the proposed research under the supervision of a member of the Wayne State University faculty.