Project on UN Security Council

The Project on UN Security Council and Non-international Armed Conflicts investigates the normative consequences of the Security Council's involvement in non-international armed conflicts (NIACs). NIACs now make up the overwhelming majority of armed conflicts around the world. The data compiled by the project reveals both the breadth and depth of council involvement in those conflicts. The principal investigators have coded all council resolutions on the most consequential NIACs from 1990 to 2013. The resolutions were coded for the imposition of binding obligations on conflict parties and third parties regarding a wide variety of international law issues. These range from human rights to international humanitarian law to peace agreements to the prohibition on the use of force. The result is the first empirical evidence of how the council has sought to regulate NIACs.

UN Security Council (UN Photo/Devra Berkowitz)
UN Security Council (UN Photo/Devra Berkowitz)

Principal investigators

  • Dr. Kristen E. Boon, Miriam T. Rooney Professor of Law, Seton Hall University School of Law
  • Professor Gregory H. Fox, Wayne State University Law School; Director of Wayne Law's Program for International Legal Studies
  • Isaac Jenkins, Ph.D. candidate, University of Michigan Department of Political Science

Data and coding materials

Council and customary international law

International Law Commission

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