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Wayne Law Embracing Technology, Connecting with Students, Alumni and Friends

July 14, 2009

DETROIT (July 14, 2009) – The days of hard copies, snail mail and, yes, even phone calls, are over as we once knew them. While these remain effective, high quality methods of communication, they don’t have the immediacy that today’s technology-driven consumers have come to demand with their iPhones and BlackBerrys. Let’s face it, today you’re a bit out-of-touch if you don’t e-mail, blog, tweet, text or IM. Fortunately, Wayne State University Law School is doing its part to keep up with its tech savvy students, alumni and friends.

The Wayne Law Career Services Office authors a blog, available at http://law.wayne.edu/blogs/careers-services/, to assist Wayne Law students, alumni and friends in securing employment. Specifically, the Career Services blog offers suggestions about what sectors and employers are hiring, where to find clerkships and internships, job search basics, building a résumé and much more.

“We offer comprehensive career planning assistance to our students and alumni,” said Wayne Law Assistant Dean of Career Services Krystal Gardner. “Our blog and our online career management system provide 24-hour access to career-related information and resources. Students and alumni may readily obtain information related to any aspect of the job search, from savvy networking to drafting a compelling résumé to effective interviewing.”

The Career Services Office is just one Wayne Law office that has entered the blogosphere. The Admissions Office authors a blog for admitted Wayne Law students through which they can connect with Admissions professionals, current students, alumni and friends.

“We want admitted students to feel comfortable and confident when they enroll for classes at Wayne Law,” said Wayne Law Assistant Dean of Admissions Ericka M. Jackson. “Our blog provides information on housing, parking, registering for classes, important dates, Law School news and more. It helps admitted students get a better sense of this Law School and what it offers before they even set foot on campus.”

Additionally, a number of Wayne Law professors author their own blogs. Dean Robert M. Ackerman is behind “The Dean Bob Law Blog,” available at http://law.wayne.edu/blogs/deansblog/, which allows him to share ideas about the Law School, legal education, the legal profession, the economy and more with Wayne Law students, alumni and friends.

Noted legal experts and Wayne Law professors Linda Beale and Noah Hall author “A Taxing Matter” (http://ataxingmatter.blogs.com/tax/) and “Great Lakes Law,” respectively. These nationally renowned blogs offer legal opinions and advice, and give students, alumni and friends a better idea of the high caliber faculty teaching at Wayne Law.

Wayne Law has also expanded communication efforts outside of blogging via Twitter, Facebook and Linked In to better reach its many stakeholders. People interested in following Wayne Law announcements and news as it happens can receive brief messages online or via their phones through Twitter (http://twitter.com/_WayneLaw). Those interested in networking with students, alumni and friends can do so on Facebook and Linked In at http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=19867991497 and http://www.linkedin.com/groups?about=&gid=1802037&goback=.gdr_1241117478070_1, respectively.

Combined with Wayne Law’s recently relaunched, more user-friendly website (http://law.wayne.edu), the Law School continues to do its part to better inform its students, alumni and friends through new and different technologies.

“Wayne Law is aware of the ever-increasing role of technology in reaching our current and prospective students, alumni, community members and friends,” said Wayne Law Communications Director Kristin Copenhaver. “It is imperative that we continue to adapt to and utilize different technological avenues moving forward. We have so many great things happening here at the Law School. It’s important that people know about them.”

For more information on the Wayne Law Career Services Office, please call (313) 577-3949 or send an email to lawcareers@wayne.edu. For more information on the Admissions Office, please call (313) 577-3937 or send an email to lawinquire@wayne.edu. For more information on Wayne Law, visit http://law.wayne.edu/ today.

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