Wayne Law Competes in National Environmental Law Moot Court Competition

DETROIT, MI –  Wayne State University Law School recently participated in the National Environmental Law Moot Court Competition (NELMCC), showcasing the talents of its students in the realm of environmental law advocacy. Led by participants Trenten Ingell, Claire Glenn, and Jessica Krawczyk, along with coaches Erica Shell, a Bodman attorney, and Professor Noah Hall, the team delved into a complex problem involving a natural gas pipeline and its implications on various legal fronts. 

(L to R) Trenten Ingell, Jessica Krawczyk, and Claire Glenn.

In a field of 54 teams, the Wayne Law team distinguished themselves through three preliminary rounds. Their combined score from oral arguments and brief presentations secured them a respectable 11th place ranking. Notably, Krawczyk and Glenn both received recognition as Best Oralist in the individual rounds. 

This year's problem centered around a natural gas pipeline project with significant ramifications. The pipeline aimed to transport 90% of its gas to Brazil, with a portion of its route traversing over land owned by a religious group, the Holly Order of Mother Earth. This group challenged the project's legitimacy, questioning market needs and arguing that the public interest did not outweigh the adverse environmental and social impacts under the Natural Gas Act. Additionally, they alleged a violation of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA). 

Despite their commendable performance, the team did not advance past the quarterfinals. However, the experience was invaluable for the participants. Reflecting on the competition, they expressed gratitude for the opportunity to compete in person after a virtual event the previous year. They commended the well-organized nature of the competition and appreciated the insightful feedback from the judges. 

Participating in the NELMCC provided an enriching learning experience for the Wayne Law team. Wrestling with the intricate administrative and energy law issues presented in the case deepened their understanding of the legal complexities surrounding environmental matters. The competition also honed their skills as oral advocates and legal writers, contributing to their growth as future legal professionals. 


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