Wayne Law Mourns Alumnus Eugene Driker

Today the Wayne Law community mourns a great friend who steadfastly supported and believed in his alma mater and its mission — Eugene Driker, a Wayne State University and Wayne Law alumnus who died on September 29, 2022. Following law school, Eugene raised his family and, in 1968, founded his law firm Barris, Sott, Denn & Driker, P.L.L.C. in Detroit, where it still remains today.  

Eugene Driker
Eugene Driker

Eugene was a devout Detroiter, a mentor, confidant, and advisor, and a tireless community builder. We are grateful for his long and unbroken volunteerism and leadership roles with Wayne Law’s School Board of Visitors and its Carl Levin Center for Oversight and Democracy. His generosity of time, spirit, and resources has been and will be an ongoing inspiration to Wayne State students.  

Wayne State University’s tribute to Eugene captures well what he meant to so many of us. Eugene’s dedication to the University, the Law School, the City of Detroit, and his family, friends, and community was unwavering, and he gave of himself freely, with joy, and with no expectation of recognition or thanks. He stood as a great example to all of us. 

While we have lost a great friend, I am thankful for the time that we had with Eugene, and for all he gave to us and the many others whose lives he touched. I join President Wilson in expressing my most sincere condolences to Eugene’s wife Elaine and to the Driker family. 


Richard A. Bierschbach 

Dean and John W. Reed Professor of Law 

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