Wayne Law alumnus donates $10,000 to increase access to law professors’ book “No Equal Justice”

DETROIT — Wayne Law alumnus Fred Harring '97 donated $10,000 to expand the accessibility of “No Equal Justice" to the youth of Southeast Michigan, with an emphasis on Detroit. 

"No Equal Justice": The Legacy of Civil Rights Icon George W. Crockett Jr. cover

Released in February 2022, the book, authored by Professor of Law Emeritus Edward Littlejohn and Professor of Law and Director of the Damon J. Keith Center for Civil Rights Peter J. Hammer,follows the story of George W. Crockett Jr. and how he fought racism and defended the constitutional rights of the oppressed. Harring hopes the donation will inspire a new generation of readers, historians, and social justice activists to learn about Crockett. 

Crockett was a champion of racial and economic justice. The book’s title is taken from Crockett’s 1970 statement in the article A Black Judge Speaks, “There is no equal justice for Black people today; there never has been. To our everlasting shame, the quality of justice in America has always been and is now directly related to the color of one’s skin as well as to the size of one’s pocketbook.” 

Professor Littlejohn was Harring’s first law professor and made a long-lasting impression with his professionalism and dedication to the field and his students. “I’m very proud of the efforts of Professors Littlejohn and Hammer. The subject of the book is important. This contribution ensures their work will never be forgotten,” said Harring.

In 2021, Harring established the Edward J. Littlejohn Scholar Endowed Fund to support the research efforts of a Wayne Law faculty member. This $10,000 was an additional gift to his $250,000 given to establish the fund and honor professor Littlejohn.  Both gifts stand testimony to the lasting impact Wayne Law professors can have on their students and future lawyers.  


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