The Journal of Law in Society at Wayne Law elects 2022-23 editorial board

DETROIT – Nine law students have been elected to the 2022-23 editorial board of The Journal of Law in Society at Wayne State University Law School.

New editorial board members are:

  • Editor-in-Chief Jamerika Ramsey
  • Managing Editors Christina Atanasoska and Aubrie Smith
  • Reviewing and Symposium Director Shea Mace
  • Senior Note Editors Keri Turner and Jennifer Davis
  • Executive Article Editors Athar Fawaz, Sarah Khan, and Benjamin Neumann

Acting as the scholarly voice of the Law School's Damon J. Keith Center for Civil Rights, The Journal of Law in Society provides discourse at the intersection of law and society. Each year, the Journal identifies a range of issues affecting Detroit and other parts of the world and then publishes articles that address those issues within their social context. The Journal publishes twice a year and hosts an academic symposium on topics relevant to the larger Detroit area.

The purpose of the Journal is to build awareness about issues of concern and to make connections with scholars, jurists, legal practitioners, community organizations and students involved in researching, combating and solving these issues. Associate Professor Khaled Beydoun serves as the faculty advisor for the organization.

Headshots for editorial board members of the 2022-2023 Journal of Law in Society
The Journal of Law in Society 2022-23 editorial board members
From top left, Jamerika Ramsey, Christina Atanasoska, Aubrie Smith, and Shea Mace
From bottom left, Keri Turner, Jennifer Davis, Athar Fawaz, Sarah Khan, and Benjamin Neumann


Contact: Nikki Taylor-Vargo

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