Transfer and guest applicants

The transfer application is a competitive process. Every application receives careful individualized attention, taking into consideration a variety of factors. However, there is no established minimum grade point average requirement for transfer admission.

Transfer applicants

Transfer application

A transfer applicant must have completed all of the first-year day or evening courses required by his or her American Bar Association-accredited law school. Applicants must have superior law school academic credentials to be offered admission. Transfer students are admitted to the fall term only. The application deadline for transfer applicants is July 1.

A transfer applicant's file will be ready for review when the Admissions Office has received all of the following:

  1. The Law School application with an electronic signature for online applications or a paper application that is signed and dated.
  2. An official transcript sent directly from the applicant's law school with all grades posted for the academic year.
  3. A letter of good standing from the applicant's law school.
  4. A JD-CAS report.
  5. A resume. 

Although applications from students who have been academically dismissed from other law schools will be accepted, it isn't standard practice to offer admission to these applicants.

Guest student applicants

Guest student applicants for fall and/or winter term(s):

Fall guest application

Winter guest application

The transfer applicant requirements and procedures outlined above apply to a law student who wishes to enroll at the Wayne Law for one or two terms as a guest student and who intends to transfer credit back to his or her "home" law school. In the case of a guest student, the letter of good standing also should include a statement granting permission for the applicant to attend the Wayne Law for the semester(s) indicated, an agreement to accept credits earned at the Law School, and any other requirements or limitations from the "home" law school.

The application deadline for fall term is July 1. The application deadline for winter term is Dec. 1.

Guest student for summer term:

Summer guest application

A student from another American Bar Association-accredited law school may take one or two summer courses at Wayne Law provided the student is in good standing and receives permission from his or her "home" law school.

Application deadline for summer term is May 15.

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