Instructions for registering online

Step 1: Design your class schedule

Review the registration materials, tentative final examination schedule and block schedule on the Law School’s website.

Step 2: Register via the Academica system

  1. Logon to Academica.

  2. In the Secure Access Login box (upper right), type in your WSU AccessID and Password and then click Log In.

  3. After you log in successfully, click (1) Student Resources, (2) Registration and (3) Register/Add/Drop.

  4. Review the directions on each page of the Registration menu. At a minimum, you need to:

a. Select the correct term and check your current Registration Status.

b. If you know the 5-digit Course Reference Numbers (CRNs), click the Register/Add/Drop classes link and enter them. Otherwise, click Look Up Classes to Add link to find the CRNs.

c. To submit your registration, you need to enter the CRNs on the "Add Classes Worksheet" after clicking on the Register/Add/Drop link.

IMPORTANT: Scroll to the bottom of each Web page to see all information, including any error messages.

  1. Print both versions of your schedule as confirmation of your registration: the Schedule by Day & Time and the Detail Schedule. Each version provides important information. Links to both schedules are found on the Registration Menu and at the bottom of other Registration web pages.

You can print additional copies of your schedule or add/drop sections by following the steps above.

When registering, a student must elect the number of credit hours for the course stated in the Schedule of Classes. A student may not elect more or fewer credit hours than specified in the Schedule of Classes for a particular semester even when the registration system states that it is a variable credit hour course.

Schedules approved during online registration are subject to change by subsequent administrative action if a schedule does not meet applicable Law School requirements.

Students may not register for classes if the meeting times overlap. Students who register for overlapping classes will be withdrawn from one of the classes.

Getting help

For help registering, contact the Law School Records Office at (313) 577-3979 or (313) 577-8023, or send a message to

For WSU AccessID and Password or computer-related help, call the Computing & Information Technology (C&IT) Help Desk at (313) 577-4778 or visit

If you don't know your WSU AccessID, you can look it up by searching for your last name in WSU's Online Directory. If you haven't yet used your AccessID, your password is your 9-digit WSU Student ID, which appears on your OneCard.

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