A message concerning the murders in Atlanta

Dear Members of the Law School Community,

In an unspeakable act of violence earlier this week in Atlanta, eight people, six of whom were women of Asian descent, were murdered. We’ll likely never fully comprehend the horror of what happened. But these people were not victims of circumstance. They were victims of deep-seated, ongoing racism and racialized misogyny that exists in our nation.

The Law School condemns these actions. Echoing President Wilson earlier today, violence to any particular group is violence to our entire community. And our collective hearts are broken. Since the onset of the pandemic, racism and misinformation have led to an increase in violence and bias toward people who are Asian or of Asian descent. It must stop.

The Wayne Law community is strong. I see it daily as dean. Our students, faculty and staff support each other without question when called upon. But we all have work to do. We cannot let race, gender, religion or political affiliation define the friendships we have and the communities with which we engage. Take some time today to learn about the people (virtually) around you. I challenge you to check the events calendar and attend the meeting of a student organization you don’t know about and talk with people you’ve never met. Even if you just want to learn more, you’ll find that you are welcome. That is what I cherish most about our community – and sometimes, we just need a reminder that there is more out there.

Above all else, please remember that you are not in this alone. If you need help or somebody to talk to, let those of us on the faculty and in the administration know. We are all in this together as a community.


Richard A. Bierschbach
Dean and Professor of Law

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