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The Winter 2017 term is getting underway, with all of the hullabaloo that results from students and faculty coming back from vacations, the chaos of book-buying and course registrations, getting copies of syllabi (or at least first assignments for courses) and trying to get the reading down.   From my perspective, this is an exciting and welcome time.  I am always delighted to greet old faces in new classes, meet LL.M. students arriving as ‘newbies’  for the winter term and settling in to the new semester.  There are papers to write, classes to attend, and books to read.  

Most LL.M. students have already registered for classes for the winter term.  If you have not, you may discover that you have something called a “Plan of Work” hold on your account.  That means, essentially, that you need to go over your courses with me, so that we know that you are moving in the right direction to complete your degree and that the courses you have selected satisfy the requirements and provide a reasonable program of study for your remaining course work.  If you are planning to work on your thesis this semester, remember that you will need your thesis adviser’s signature, as well as mine, before you can register for the thesis.  If you are not yet ready to begin your thesis but are attempting to narrow your topic and do preliminary research, please arrange an appointment with Delores Mayer:  I guarantee that you will find her suggestions helpful in this process.

Best wishes for a wonderful 2017 and for a great winter term!

Linda McKissack Beale
Professor of Law
Director of Graduate Studies

Jan. 10, 2017

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