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The Winter 2017 term is now well underway, after many meetings with LL.M. students to review their Plans of Work and ensure that the courses for which they register fit appropriately with the major and with their interests. The Graduate Studies Committee will meet soon to review revisions to the LL.M. academic regulations, updating them to ensure that they provide clear guidance to students regarding course and program requirements and clarifying some problematic areas in the old regulations that have presented problems to students in the last few years. Faculty are also beginning a review of the “approved course list” to ensure that we include new courses that fit within degree programs and excise old courses that are no longer offered in the University or Law School.

Meanwhile, the Wayne Law LL.M. program continues to garner national attention for its breadth of coverage and the ability of students to add courses from other areas of the University that provide a slightly different viewpoint on their major area than a pure law curriculum would do.  

And Wayne Law’s LL.M. programs are reinvigorated in other ways. Especially in the Labor and Employment major, students find courses offered in Labor Studies a way to gain perspective on labor issues that is not readily available in reviewing statutory and case law on the matter. Wayne Law has just hired a new Labor and Employment Law tenure-track professor, Sanjukta Paul, who will join the Law School for the Fall 2017 semester, and we are delighted that Professor Paul will help solidify the Labor and Employment courses offered at Wayne Law in this field. We look forward to having her input on additional ways to enhance the Labor and Employment law major.

The Levin Center at Wayne Law hosted a conference on Offshore Multinational Corporate Tax on Jan. 31 in Washington D.C., and this year an LL.M. student was selected for a sponsored trip to the conference. This is a tremendous learning experience and a way to begin networking with important legislators and influencers in the field of tax. Congratulations to Indra Samaiah Pandiayaraj on being selected for this honor.

Linda McKissack Beale
Professor of Law
Director of Graduate Studies

Feb. 3, 2017

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