Levin Center vision, mission


The Levin Center Advisory Board has adopted the following vision statement, indicating how the center envisions the future if the Levin Center is able to accomplish its objectives:

Legislative bodies at all levels of government both in the United States and abroad will improve public policy by strengthening their in-depth, bipartisan oversight of public and private sector activities in order to move from ineffective, partisan inquiries to oversight investigations that provide credible fact finding and problem analysis, increase cooperation across political lines and offer useful recommendations for policy reform.


The Levin Center Advisory Board has adopted the following mission statement to guide the work of the Levin Center:

The Levin Center will help educate legislators, their staffs, public servants, law students and others on fact-based, in-depth, bipartisan and effective techniques to oversee public and private sector activities, using oversight as an instrument of change and as a means to increase integrity, transparency and accountability in civil society.

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