Oversight scholars

A key objective of the Levin Center at Wayne Law is to foster high-quality oversight investigations by elected officials at the federal, state,Levin Center logo local and international levels. To support that objective, the Levin Center seeks to facilitate and expand scholarly research into issues related to oversight investigations that include, sponsoring academic gatherings, research opportunities and this website. The Levin Center also maintains a listserv for oversight scholars which you can join by sending an email to: levincenter@wayne.edu

We hope you find these materials of interest. If you have suggestions for additional ways that the Levin Center can support oversight scholars, contact Elise Bean, Washington co-director of the Levin Center, at the above email address.

2017 Scholars Roundtable on Congressional Oversight

2018 Oversight Symposium

Oversight research and datasets

Levin Center Award for Excellence in Oversight Research

2019 Center for Urban Studies Report on Oversight Practices in State Legislatures