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Wayne Law is committed to training the next generation of attorneys, leaders and advocates for justice. Together with the Levin Center, we will build upon Levin's vision and leadership to develop academic coursework, training programs, symposia and research that will ensure future leaders recognize and embrace their role in promoting honest and open government, maintaining the public trust and holding public and private institutions accountable to high ethical and transparency standards.

The center initially will focus on legislative capacity building, strengthening the legislature's oversight role and promoting the responsibility of the legislative branch to ensure public and private institutions serve the public good. Programs in furtherance of this focus will include:

  • Academic coursework hosted at Wayne State University Law School about the legislative process, oversight, the role of taxation in individual and institutional behavior, and financial regulation.
  • Workshops and training sessions on the federal, state, local, tribal and international levels to strengthen the ability of leaders and their staffs to carry out effective oversight. The training programs will be conducted in Detroit; Washington, D.C.; or online via videotaped lectures and web-based materials. The Levin Center also will establish intern and fellowship programs to build a cadre of individuals with practical oversight skills and experience.
  • National symposia on topics such as congressional oversight of the intelligence community, tax loopholes and how they affect income inequality, corporate taxation reforms, regulating bank misconduct and financial risks, and government ethics.
  • Conducting and publishing research to advance the role of the federal, state, local and tribal governments in overseeing public and private institutions, particularly in the Midwest region of the country. The center would develop and publish research in cooperation with academics, community advocates and other stakeholders with the purpose of informing and guiding strategies for promoting good governance and strong oversight procedures.

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