Boot camp reviews

At the conclusion of each boot camp, participants are asked to complete an anonymous evaluation of their experience. Here is some of the feedback that's been received.

How was the boot camp?

  • "Definitely exceeded expectations."
  • "Excellent mix of concrete tips & advice, and 50,000-foot lessons and advice about approach, philosophy, outlook, etc.  Both are essential."
  • "I appreciated the depth of expertise of the boot camp, the structure of the process, and the role-playing."
  • "Enjoyed meeting other oversight staffers."
  • "Such a great course. I particularly enjoyed the structure of walking through the process."
  • "The stories and real-life examples are what made the course come to life."

How were the instructors?

  • "I appreciated the depth of knowledge as well as their candor."
  • "[G]reat enthusiasm, excellent anecdotes."
  • "[V]ery bipartisan."
  • "They were very engaging and approachable and provided insights in a very practical way.  The recommendations for follow-up were incredibly helpful!"
  • "Highly experienced, entertaining, also very good at simulating scenarios for us, made it all fun too!" 

How was the boot camp in promoting bipartisanship?

  • "10 on a 10 – this is my biggest take-away."
  • "I appreciated the tips and insights into how to promote bipartisanship in investigations."
  • "Definitely inspired me to develop connections with colleagues from the other party."
  • "Made me want to be more bipartisan."

How were the handouts?

  • "Wonderful. I loved the way the investigation unfolded step by step."
  • "Excellent. I plan on keeping these at my desk for future reference."
  • Investigative plan handout: "Eye-opening, since we've never taken that approach on my committee."
  • Hearing plan handout: "Great thoughts on witnesses, media."

How were the role-playing exercises?

  • "[P]articularly useful exercise because the instructors can replicate the way the actual conversation goes."
  • "Excellent!  Good scenarios and situations."
  • "Really liked the exercises & role-playing. Sounded hokey at first, but it's been really great."
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