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Current News 

  • September 21: The Levin Center testified in front of the Michigan Senate Oversight Committee about gaps in the state's oversight of government contracts. Read the press release.
  • September 2: The Levin Center's State Oversight Academy (SOA) was announced as one of Wayne State University's Bold Moves! Read President Wilson's full announcement here
  • August 25: The Levin Center, Project on Government Oversight, and Lugar Center held their 13th joint Oversight Boot Camp training for congressional staffers on Aug 24/25, 2021. The two-day workshop was attended by 27 congressional staffers from both parties and both chambers - read more on our boot camp pages
  • July 23: We are delighted to announce our three inaurugal Levin Center Oversight Fellows - Kenny Lowande, Claire Leavitt, and Devin Judge-Lord. Find out more about their background and their scholarship by reading our announcement or our press release. To learn more about our fellowship program, please click here. 
  • July 20: Elise Bean, the Levin Center's Washington Office Director, and Ben Eikey, the Levin Center's State Training and Communciations Manager testified today in front of the Pennsylvania State Legislature about gaps in state contract oversight and recommended best practices during the Pennsylvania House hearing. Read the full testimony here or read our press release.  
  • July 16: Ben Eikey, the Levin Center's State Training and Communications Manager, joined the National Conferece of Insurance Legislators (NCOIL) during their summer meeting in Boston (MA) for a panel discussion entitled "The Delicate Balance of Legislative Oversight". Read our press release to find out more, read the Detroit Legal News article on the panel or watch the panel on NCOIL's YouTube channel
  • June 8: The Levin Center is testifying in front of the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Courts on enforcing congressional subpoenas of the executive branch. Watch the testimony here or download it by clicking here
  • May 15: Our 2021 Washington, D.C., Legal Summer Interns are starting their various placements soon. Find out more about our six 2021 interns and their placements.
  • April 27: We released a new podcast episode today with Senator Carl Levin discussing his memoir and his years in the Senate. 
  • April 20: The Center for Urban Studies at Wayne State University has issued a report examining the oversight of government contracts in six states across the country. The study was commissioned by the Levin Center at Wayne Law to showcase and elevate state legislatures' attempts at reforming and strengthening oversight of government-issued contracts in a wide range of areas. Read our press release here for the main recommendations or download the full 109-page report
  • April 1: We are now accepting nominations for our Carl Levin Award for Effective Oversight. See our announcement here or download it. To submit a nomination, please click here
  • March 29: Read Senator Levin's and Richard Arenberg's op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, "Progressives Need the Filibuster".
  • March 25: The Levin Center testified before the House Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress on
    strengthening oversight investigations. You can read the testimony here
  • March 15: Read our Spring 2021 Newsletter by clicking here.
  • March 9: The Levin Center is pleased to announce the launch of its new Oversight Fellowship Program with generous support from the Sunwater Institute. Please find more detail here
  • March 5: Read Levin Center Director Jim Townsend's op-ed in the Detroit Free press, "Citizens, business leaders must demand fact-based political discourse"
  • March 2: The Levin Center is pleased to announce the publication of Senator Levin's memoir - Getting to the Heart of the Matter, My 36 Years in the Senate. You can purchase the book through Wayne State University Press and read our announcement here
  • February 24: The Levin Center spearheaded a letter in February from three centers that honor the legacy of former members of Congress urging Congressional apprpriators to increase funding for the legislative branch by 10% this year.  You can read the full letter here
  • January 27: The Levin Center has launched its new podcast series "Oversight Matters" with a unique focus on legislative oversight. Read our press release and listen to the first episode
  • January 11: Read Senator Carl Levin's op-ed in the Financial Times, "Time to stop trading conflicts that cost investors billions"


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