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The Levin Center at Wayne Law's mission is to strengthen the integrity, transparency, and accountability of public and private institutions by promoting and supporting bipartisan, fact-based oversight; advancing good governance, particularly with respect to the legislative process; and promoting civil discourse on current issues of public policy.

What we are watching
Oversight of COVID related emergency contracts is in the news!

In November, the Levin Center published its report on state-level oversight of emergency contracts related to the COVID-19 pandemic - read our press release here or download the full report

Thought leader

Professor Kathleen Clark, Washington University School of Law

“These are challenging times for congressional oversight. The Levin Center is undertaking absolutely vital work: Bringing together researchers from a range of disciplines, fostering collaboration among them in order to deepen our understanding of the congressional oversight process and connecting those scholars with current and former Capitol Hill staffers who have long experience with oversight investigations. ” These are challenging times for congressional oversight
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