Concentration in civil rights and social justice law

Through its Damon J. Keith Center for Civil Rights, Wayne Law offers law students the option to take an academic concentration in civil rights and social justice law. The 21-credit program emphasizes practical skills and real-world experience.

It includes:

  • 21 hours of coursework (required/core/elective)
  • An advanced writing requirement on an approved topic
  • Completion of a clinic or completion of an approved externship
  • 50 hours of community or pro bono service in the fields of civil rights and social justice


Required (6 credits):

Constitutional Law II

Constitutional Litigation or Federal Courts and the Federal System


Core (12 credits from among these courses and seminars):


American Indian Law

Appellate Advocacy

Constitutional Litigation (if the requirement is satisfied by Federal Courts & the Federal System)

Criminal Procedure: Investigation

Education Law

Employment Discrimination

Federal Courts and the Federal System (if the requirement is satisfied by Constitutional Litigation)

Immigration and Nationality Law

International Protection of Human Rights

Law of Elections and Political Organizations


Race and the Law

Race, the Law & Social Change in Southeast Michigan

Religious Liberty in the United States

State Constitutionalism

Trial Advocacy


Access to Justice

Detroit Equity Action Lab: A Collaborative Study of Structural Racism

Ethics of the Lawyering Experience

International Women's Human Rights

Law of the City: Detroit

Legal Change

Reimagining Development in Detroit: Institutions, Law & Society

Sex, Sexuality and the Law in Contemporary U.S.A.

Urban Housing and Community Development


Electives (3 credits from among these courses and seminars):


Administrative Law

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Bioethics and the Law

Child Abuse & Neglect

Child, Family & State

Criminal Procedure: Adjudication

Employment Law

Environmental Law

Family Law

Health Care Organizations & Finance

Health Care Quality, Licensing & Liability

Juvenile Delinquency

Labor Law

Labor Law in the Public Sector

Local Government Law

Political Theory of Public Law

Public Health Law

Teaching Law in High School



Consumerism and Democracy

Family Violence

National Labor Relations Act: Current Problems



Asylum and Immigration Law Clinic

Business and Community Law Clinic

Civil Rights Clinic

Criminal Appellate Practice Clinic

Legal Advocacy for People with Cancer Clinic

Transnational Environmental Law Clinic

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