Our Mission

Founded in 1997, The Journal of Law in Society (JLS) is a student-managed publication of Wayne State University Law School that provides scholarly discourse on the intersection of law and society. Each year, the JLS identifies a range of issues affecting Detroit and other parts of the world, and then publishes articles that address those issues within their social context. By way of research and scholarship, the JLS aims to connect Detroit to broader national and international discourse, as well as serve as an educational and practical tool for its audience.

Our Purpose

1. Many law students lose sight of why they came to law school. JLS is a scholarly dialectical forum for students who come to law school with a passion to redress social injustices.

2. There is a disconnect between Wayne State University Law School and the larger Detroit Community. As the scholarly arm of the Damon J. Keith Center for Civil Rights, JLS not only builds awareness about issues affecting Detroit, but also makes connections with scholars, jurists, legal practitioners, community organizations, and students who are the front lines of researching, combating, and solving these problems everyday.

Our Goals

1. JLS will publish two issues a year. Each will address a specific legal question in relation to a cutting-edge social issue.JLS also will publish a Symposium issue that includes articles from participants of the JLS's annual Symposium.

2. JLS will host an annual Symposium that advances the aims of both JLS and the Damon J. Keith Center for Civil Rights, and that is both relevant and necessary to the larger Detroit community.

3. Together with the Damon J. Keith Center for Civil Rights, JLS will strengthen the relationship between Wayne State Law School and the larger Detroit Community.


Advocating for justice, serving the community, revitalizing Detroit and Michigan

150 years in the heart of Detroit