Wayne State University

Practical experience

Today's employers are looking for candidates who excel in both legal theory and practice. They are looking to hire graduates who already have worked for legal practitioners on actual cases and have experienced first-hand the inner workings of the legal system.

If you started at the Law School in the fall 2013 or thereafter, you must complete a professional skills and experiential learning requirement by taking at least six credits of curricular offerings that provide substantial instruction in professional skills beyond traditional legal research, writing and analysis. At least three of these required credits must be a clinic or internship offering three or more credits that provides substantial instruction in professional skills beyond traditional legal research, writing and analysis.

Wayne Law's client clinics are directed by full-time expert faculty members and help bridge the gap between theory and practice. Located on or close to campus and offered for credit, our clinics provide hands-on casework to law students while simultaneously assisting residents of the Detroit metropolitan community.

Externships are available for ungraded course credits for J.D. students in good academic standing who have satisfactorily completed the first year, including legal writing.

Fellowships are also available.

Wayne Law students also can gain an edge over the competition through a number of co-curricular organizations, such as The Journal of Law in SocietyMock Trial, Wayne Law Moot Court and The Wayne Law Review. Finally, Wayne Law students can gain practical experience through a large number of student organizations.

"Wayne Law encourages hands-on learning through legal internships, such as Tata Motors in Mumbai, and clinics, such as the Business and Community Law Clinic, which allows students to practice law with Detroit-based clients. Students at Wayne Law not only get to live in and participate in the growth of Detroit but also get the opportunity to participate and build connections through their legal educations."

Zach Rowley, Bay City
Wayne Law Class of 2015
Graduate of Kalamazoo College

Advocating for justice, serving the community, revitalizing Detroit and Michigan