Intellectual property law

Intellectual property law deals with legal issues as old as the printing press and as new as the latest developments in digital communications technologies and the sciences. Patents and copyrights fuel creative activity by inventors and authors, enabling them to control the fruits of their creative efforts and capture some of the economic benefits they bring about. Trademarks give sellers an incentive to develop a positive reputation and help consumers identify the source of goods and services in the marketplace.

In today’s technology-driven economy, intellectual property is often among an enterprise’s principal assets. Coca-Cola with its enormously valuable trademark, IBM with its immense portfolio of patents, Kentucky Fried Chicken with its trade-secret formulation of 11 herbs and spices, Microsoft with its copyright-protected software code – all depend on intellectual property protection as the mainstay of their operations. The business world has a critical need for lawyers trained in intellectual property law, and the demand is growing ever stronger.

Wayne Law offers courses and seminars that will help you gain a strong foundation in each of the divisions of intellectual property law. We also offer advanced courses that enable you to develop specialized skills. Courses are taught by faculty who are top scholars in their fields, including authors of leading treatises and casebooks.

Intellectual property lawyers are increasingly central in today’s technology-driven, information-centered economy. Are you interested in:

  • Helping business enterprises develop and protect their patent portfolios?
  • Drafting license agreements that allow intellectual property rights to be transferred to those who value them most highly?
  • Commercializing valuable discoveries through technology transfer?
  • Representing artists, authors and entertainers?
  • Working with software developers to protect their products?
  • Devising novel legal strategies for cutting-edge issues in digital communications technologies?

If so, consider studying intellectual property law at Wayne Law.

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