Health law

Health law is an exciting and far-reaching field in which lawyers play increasingly critical roles:

  • Litigators battle over malpractice and product safety claims.
  • Transactional lawyers help design and implement business and contractual arrangements for hospitals and other health organizations.
  • Regulatory attorneys address state licensing of physicians and hospitals, nursing home Medicaid compliance, Food and Drug Administration drug approval and Medicare fraud investigations.
  • Lawyers provide expert counsel to health care providers and organizations, state and local public health agencies, and patients who are interacting with the health system.

Wayne Law offers an expert faculty and an array of courses, clinics and externships to train the next generation of health lawyers in the broad set of skills and areas of expertise required. Students learn the basic business of health care and the economics of insurance. They study the challenges of improving patient safety through regulation, error reporting and quality control, as well as malpractice litigation. They consider the policy and politics of health care during a time when health reform and employee benefits are key topics on the political agenda and in union negotiations. Their training in bioethics ensures that they can evaluate the complex dimensions that arise in the relationships between doctor and patient, researcher and research participant, and populations and new scientific technology.

In an era of globalization, public health law students consider complex questions of interrelated federal, state and local governance; emergency preparedness; and international concerns raised by outbreaks of infectious diseases, when cross-border travel has become commonplace. Taking advantage of the university’s Medical School, law students and pediatric residents explore the role of international organizations and public health in an exciting interdisciplinary setting.

Watch this video of Associate Professor Lance Gable discussing health law at Wayne Law.



Is health law right for you?

Health law raises a wide range of complex legal issues and job opportunities for lawyers. For example, are you interested in the:

  • Effects of health reform legislation on the health care system in the United States?
  • Issues of bioethics and the complications of beginning-of-life or end-of-life care?
  • Regulation of clinical research and drug approval?
  • Issues of disaster preparedness and public health planning?
  • Intricacies of medical malpractice litigation?
  • Complicated business of contracting for managed care?
  • Administration of Medicare and Medicaid?
  • Implications of health care for employee benefits?
  • Functions of the World Health Organization and the World Bank?

If so, then consider studying health law at Wayne Law.

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