Faculty scholarship

Wayne faculty members publish on a broad range of international issues. This page contains a selection of their most recent scholarship.

Citizenship and nationality law

Jonathan Weinberg, "The End of Citizenship?," 107 Mich. L. Rev. 931 (2009), Westlaw


Comparative law

William Burnham, “Introduction to the Law and Legal System of the United States,” fourth edition (Thomson-West 2006) (716 pp.), (fifth edition forthcoming); text on U.S. law for foreign lawyers and law students; published in Russian (2006), Chinese (2003), and Ukrainian (2000) (fifth edition forthcoming)

William Burnham, Law and Legal System of the Russian Federation,” fourth edition (Juris Publishing 2010) (with Peter B. Maggs and Gennady M. Danilenko) (cases and text on the Russian legal system)

William Burnham, "Russia’s Criminal Procedure Code Five Years Out, Review of Central and East European Law," (University of Leiden-University of Trento) 1-93 (2008) (with Jeffrey Kahn); published as a chapter in Comparative Study on Compulsory Measures in Criminal Procedure, translated into Mandarin Chinese and edited by Song Yinghui, professor of law and the associate dean of the School of Criminal Science & Law at Beijing Normal University (2008), HeinOnline


Comparative corporate law

Erica Beecher-Monas, “Marrying Independence and Diversity: Just How Far Have You Come, Baby?” 86 Ore. L. Rev. 373 (2008), HeinOnline, Westlaw


Comparative evidence law

Erica Beecher-Monas, “Paradoxical Validity Determinations: A Decade of Antithetical Admissibility Decisions,” 6 Int’l Commentary on Evidence (May 2009) (comparative focus on scientific evidence), Degruyter

Erica Beecher-Monas, Book Review, DNA Evidence: The French Experience, International Commentary on Evidence” (May 2008)


Democracy and international law

Gregory H. Fox, “An International Right to Democracy” in The Encyclopedia of Public International Law (Max Planck Institute 2008)


Immigration and asylum law

Rachel D. Settlage, Immigration Relief for Undocumented Victims of Crime, with Elizabeth Campbell and Veronica Thronson (American Bar Association Section of Criminal Justice, 2013)

Rachel D. Settlage, “Indirect Refoulement: Challenging Canada’s Participation in the United States-Canada Safe Third Country Agreement,” 30 Wis. Int'l L.J. 142 (2012), HeinOnline, LexisNexis, Westlaw

Rachel D. Settlage, "Affirmatively Denied: The Detrimental Effects of a Reduced Grant Rate for Affirmative Asylum Seekers," 27 B.U. Int'l L. J. 61 (2009), HeinOnline, LexisNexis, Westlaw


International administration of territory

Gregory H. Fox, “Humanitarian Occupation” (Cambridge University Press 2008), Google Books


International and comparative tax Law

Alan Schenk, “Prior U.S. Flirtations with VAT,” in The VAT Reader: What a Federal Consumption Tax Would Men for America (Tax Analysts 2011), Tax Analysts

Alan Schenk, “Taxation of Financial Services (Including Insurance) Under a United States Value Added Tax,” 63 Tax Law Rev. 409 (2010), American Tax Policy Institute, HeinOnline, LexisNexis, Westlaw

Michael J. McIntyre, "Identifying the New International Standard for Effective Information Exchange" (Feb. 17, 2010, draft of upcoming book chapter), presented, in absentia, at tax conference, “Tax Treaties from a Legal and Economic Perspective“ which took place from March 18-20, 2010, at Vienna, Austria, under the auspices of the Institute for Austrian and International Tax Law, Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration. New International Standard (Revised May 4, 2010)

Michael J. McIntyre, "How to End the Charade of Information Exchange," 56 Tax Notes Int'l 255-268 (October 26, 2009), reprinted in 125 Tax Notes 695-707 (2009)

Michael J. McIntyre, "Identifying tax losses entitled to full loss offsets in a business profits tax under the Domar-Musgrave risk model," 24 Australian Tax Forum 77-88 (2009)

Michael J. McIntyre, "The Deduction of Interest Payments in an Ideal Tax on Realized Business Profits," Chapter 11, pp. 385-406, in John G. Head and Richard Krever, Eds., Tax Reform in the 21st Century: A Volume in Memory of Richard Musgrave, Kluwer Law International (2009).

Michael J. McIntyre, "Testimony of Michael J. McIntyre and Robert S. McIntyre On Banking Secrecy Practices and Wealthy American Taxpayers Before the U.S. House Committee on Ways and Means Subcommittee on Select Revenue Measures," March 31, 2009.

Michael J. McIntyre, "A Program for International Tax Reform," 122 Tax Notes 1021 (Feb. 23, 2009).

Alan Schenk, “Worldwide v. Territorial Tax Systems: Comparison of Value Added Tax and Income Tax,” in M. Lang, P. Melz, & E. Kristoffersson, Ed’s., Value Added Tax And Direct Taxation: Similarities And Differences (IBFD 2009), Google Books


International commercial law

John F. Dolan, “What Ever Happened to the Poor Old Doctrine of Negotiability,” 130 Banking L.J. 136 (2013), SSRN, Westlaw

John Dolan, “The Original L/C as a ‘Document,’” 19 DC Insight 18 (Paris: Jan. – March 2013)

John F. Dolan, “Letter of Credit Undertakings and Suretyship Contracts,” 129 Banking L.J. 291 (2012), SSRN

John F. Dolan, “Bad Faith and Unconscionability,” 18 DC Insight 6 (Paris: July – Sept. 2012), SSRN

John F. Dolan, “Documentary Compliance in Letter of Credit Law: What’s In a Name and What Need for an Original?” 28 Banking & Finance L. Rev. (Osgoode Hall) 121 (2012), SSRN

John F. Dolan, “Letter of Credit Litigation under UCC Article 5: A Case of Statutory Preemption,” 57 Wayne L. Rev. 1269 (2011), HeinOnline, LexisNexis

John F. Dolan, “Banco Santander and Protected Parties,” 17 D.C. Insight 8 (Paris: Oct. – Dec. 2011)

John F. Dolan, “Nerrerux Redux: The Ontario Court of Appeal Fashions Novel Letter of Credit Law,” 25 Banking & Finance L. Rev. (Osgoode Hall) 535 (2010), SSRN

John F. Dolan, “Non-Novel Issues of Letter of Credit Law: An Essay,” 24 Banking & Fin. L. Rev. (Osgoode Hall) 551 (2009), SSRN



International criminal law

Brad R. Roth, “Coming to Terms with Ruthlessness: Sovereign Equality, Global Pluralism, and

the Limits of International Criminal Justice,” 8 Santa Clara J. Int'l L. 231 (2010), HeinOnline,


Brad R. Roth, "Just Short of Torture: Abusive Treatment and the Limits of International Criminal Justice,” 6 Journal of International Criminal Justice (Oxford University Press) 215-39 (2008), Oxford Journals, HeinOnline


International economic law

Julia Qin, “Reforming WTO Discipline on Export Duties: Sovereignty Over Natural Resources, Economic Development and Environmental Protection,” 46(5) J. World Trade 1147-1190 (2012), SSRN

Julia Qin, “The Predicament of China’s “WTO-Plus” Obligation to Eliminate Export Duties: A Commentary on the China-Raw Materials Case,” 11(2) Chinese J. Int’l Law 237 (2012), SSRN

Julia Qin, “Pushing the Limits of Global Governance: Trading Rights, Censorship and WTO Jurisprudence – A Commentary on the China-Publications Case,” 10(2) Chinese J. Int’l Law 271-322 (2011), Oxford Journals

Julia Qin, “Managing Conflicts Between WTO and RTA Rulings: Reflections on the Brazil-Tyres Case,” in Pieter Bekker, Rudolf Dolzer & Michael Waibel (eds.), Making Transnational Law Work in the Global Economy: Essays in Honor of Detlev Vagts (Cambridge U. Press, 2010), 601-629, SSRN

Julia Qin, “The Challenge of Interpreting “WTO-Plus” Provisions,” 44(1) J. World Trade 127-172 (2010), SSRN

Julia Qin, "WTO Regulation of Subsidies to State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs): A Critical Appraisal of the China Accession Protocol," Chinese International Law Review (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences), Vol. 3 (2009) (in Chinese), Oxford Journals

Julia Qin,"The Mercosur Exemption Reversed – Conflict between WTO and Mercosur Rulings and Its Implications for Environmental Values, Update to WTO Panel Decision in Brazil – Tyres Supports Safeguarding Environmental Values," ASIL Insights (The American Society of International Law) (January 23, 2009)


International health law

Lance A. Gable, “Global Health Rights: Employing Human Rights to Develop and Implement the Framework Convention on Global Health,” Vol. 15(1) Health and Human Rights 17-31 (2013) (with Benjamin Mason Meier)

Lance A. Gable, “Global Health Governance, International Law, and Mental Health,” in Samuel Okpaku (ed.) Global Mental Health (Cambridge Univ. Press 2013)

Lance A. Gable, “Global Health Rights: Employing Human Rights to Develop and Implement the Framework Convention on Global Health, Health and Human Rights” (2013) (with Benjamin Mason Meier), Health And Human Rights

Lance A. Gable, “U.S. Efforts to Realize the Right to Health through the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act,” Human Rights L. Rev. (2012) (with Benjamin Mason Meier), SSRN

Lance A. Gable, “Mental Disability,” in Gunilla Backman (ed.), The Right to Health 225-261 (Studentlitteratur, 2012)

Lance A. Gable, “The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, Public Health, and the Elusive Target of Human Rights,” 39 J. L. Med.& Ethics 340-354 (2011), HeinOnline, LexisNexis

Lance A. Gable, “Global Public Health Legal Responses to H1N1,” ­­39 J. L. Med.& Ethics 46-50 (Supplement 1 2011) (with Brooke Courtney, Robert Gatter, & Eleanor D. Kinney)

Lance A. Gable,”Reproductive Health as a Human Right,” 60 Case Western Reserve L. Rev. 957-996 (2010), HeinOnline, LexisNexis, Westlaw

Lance A. Gable, “Rights Based Approaches to Public Health Systems,” in Elvira Beracochea (ed.), Rights Based Approaches to Public Health 19-30 (Springer, 2010) (with Benjamin Mason Meier, Jocelyn E. Getgen, and Leslie London), SSRN

Lance A. Gable, “Human Rights of Persons with Mental Disabilities: The European Convention of Human Rights,” in Lawrence O. Gostin, Jean V. McHale, Philip Fennell, Ronald D. Mackay, & Peter Bartlett (Eds.),The Principles of Mental Health Law and Policy 103-166 (Oxford University Press, 2010) (with Lawrence O. Gostin)

Lance A. Gable, “Human Rights of Persons with Mental Disabilities” in The Principles of Mental Health Law and Policy (Oxford University Press 2009) (with Lawrence O. Gostin).

Lance A. Gable, “Mental Health as a Human Right” in Realizing The Right to Health: Swiss Human Rights Book Volume III, Andrew Clapham, Mary Robinson, Claire Mahon, and Scott Jerbi (eds.), (Rüffer & Rub, 2009) (with Lawrence O. Gostin). SSRN

Lance A. Gable, “A Global Assessment of the Role of Law in the HIV/AIDS Pandemic,” 123(3) Public Health 260-264 (2009) (with Lawrence O. Gostin and James G. Hodge, Jr.). Science Direct

Peter Hammer,Change and Continuity at the World Bank: Reforming Paradoxes of Economic Development” (Edward Elgar 2013)

Peter Hammer, “Contracting Illness: Health Policy Experiments in Cambodia’s Indigenous Periphery,” 22 South East Asian Research (2013)

Peter Hammer, “Health Initiatives and Health System Development: The Historic Quest for Positive Synergies,” 9 Ind. Health L. Rev. 567 (2012) (with Charla M. Burill), LexisNexis

Peter Hammer, “International Law, Governance and Global Children’s Health,” in Textbook of Pediatric Global Health (Deepak Kamat, ed.) (American Academy of Pediatrics) (2012).

Peter Hammer, “International Law, Public Health and Addiction,” in Principles of Addiction and the Law (Norman S. Miller, ed.) (American Psychiatric Association) (Elsevier) (2010). Google Books

Peter Hammer, “International Law, Public Health and Addiction,” in Principles of Addiction and the Law (Norman S. Miller, ed.) (American Psychiatric Association) (Elsevier) (2009)

Peter Hammer, “International Law, Governance and Global Children’s Health,” in Textbook of Pediatric Global Health (Deepak Kamat, ed.) (AmericanAcademy of Pediatrics) (2009)


International intellectual property

John Rothchild, “Exhausting Extraterritoriality,” 51 Santa Clara L. Rev. 1187 (2011), HeinOnline, LexisNexis, Westlaw


International legal theory

Brad R. Roth,Sovereign Equality and Moral Disagreement: Premises of a Pluralist International Legal Order (Oxford University Press 2011),


International territorial administration

Gregory H. Fox, “A Return to Trusteeship? A Comment on International Territorial Administration,” in A Wiser Century? – Judicial Dispute Settlement, Disarmament and the Laws of War 100 Years after the Second Hague Peace Conference (Thomas Giegerich, ed.) (Duncker & Humblot 2009)

Gregory H. Fox,Humanitarian Occupation (Cambridge University Press 2008)



Law and development

Peter Hammer, "Introduction: Living on the Margins: Minorities and Borderlines in Cambodia and Southeast Asia" in Living on the Margins: Minorities and Borderlines in Cambodia and Southeast Asia (PeterJ. Hammer, ed.) (Center for Khmer Studies) (2009), SSRN

Peter Hammer,"Development as Tragedy: The Asian Development Bank and Indigenous Peoples in Cambodia," in Living on the Margins: Minorities and Borderlines in Cambodia and Southeast Asia (Peter J. Hammer, ed.) (Center for Khmer Studies) (2009). SSRN

Peter Hammer, Change and Continuity at the World Bank: Reforming Paradoxes of Economic Development (Edward Elgar Publishing, Inc.) (September 30, 2013).


Occupation law

Gregory H. Fox, “Review of Eyal Benvenisti,” The International Law of Occupation (2d ed., Oxford University Press 2012), 24 European Journal of International Law 453 (2013),Westlaw

Gregory H. Fox, “Transformative Occupation and the Unilateralist Impulse,” 94 Int’l Rev. Red Cross 237 (2012), SSRN

Gregory H. Fox, “Exit from Belligerent Occupation,” in Exit Strategies and Peace Consolidation (Richard Caplan, ed.) (Oxford University Press 2012)


Private international law

Paul Dubinsky, “Comparative Federal Common Lawmaking: A Response to Lenaerts and Gutman,” 57 American Journal of Comparative Law (Forthcoming 2009).



Statehood in international law

Brad R. Roth, “Sovereign Equality and Non-Liberal Regimes,” 43 Neth. Y.B. Int’l L. 25 (2013)

Gregory H. Fox, “Regime Change” in The Encyclopedia of Public International Law (Max Planck Institute 2012)

Brad R. Roth, “Secessions, Coups and the International Rule of Law: Assessing the Decline of the Effective Control Doctrine,” 11 Melbourne J. Int’l L. 393 (2010), HeinOnline, Westlaw

Brad R. Roth, “The Entity that Dare not Speak its Name: Unrecognized Taiwan as a Right-Bearer in the International Legal Order,” 4 East Asia L. Rev. 91 (2009), HeinOnline, LexisNexis, Westlaw


Transboundary environmental law

Noah D. Hall, “Oil and Freshwater Don’t Mix: Transnational Regulation of Drilling in the Great Lakes,” 38 Boston College Environmental Affairs Law Review 303 (2011), HeinOnline

Noah D. Hall, “The North American Great Lakes” in The Evolution of the Law and Politics of Water, Joseph W. Dellapenna & Joyeeta Gupta Eds. (2009)

Noah D. Hall, "Protecting Freshwater Resources in the Era of Global Water Markets: Lessons Learned from Bottled Water," 13 U. Denv. Water Law Review 1 (2009), bepress, HeinOnline, LexisNexis, Westlaw

Noah D. Hall,"Interstate Environmental Impact Assessment," 39 Environmental Law Reporter 10667 (2009), bepress, LexisNexis, Westlaw


Transnational litigation

Paul R. Dubinsky, “Harmonization and Voluntarism: The Role of Elites in Creating an Influential National Model, the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure” in Civil Litigation in a Globalizing World (Xandra Kramer and Remco van Rhee, eds.) (Asser Press 2012)

Paul Dubinsky, “Mass Claims and Domestic Court Procedures,” Amsterdam Center for International Law (2009)


Transnational regulatory regimes

Jonathan Weinberg, “Non-State Actors and Global Informal Governance: The Case of ICANN,” in International Handbook on Informal Governance (Thomas Christiansen & Christine Neuhold eds. 2012)

Jonathan Weinberg, “Governments, privatization and 'privatization': ICANN and the GAC,” 18 Mich. Telecom. & Tech. L. Rev. 189 (2011), HeinOnline, LexisNexis, Westlaw


Treaty law

Gregory H. Fox, “Constitutional Violations and the Validity of Treaties,” SSRN

Paul Dubinsky, “Adventures in Treaty Interpretation,” 57 American Journal of Comparative Law 745 (2009). LexisNexis


United States foreign relations law

Paul R. Dubinsky, “International Law in the United States” in International Law in Domestic Legal Systems (Dinah Shelton, ed.) (Oxford University Press 2011)

Paul R. Dubinsky, “International Law in the Legal System of the United States,” 58 Am. J. Comp. L. 455 (2010), HeinOnline, LexisNexis



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