How to apply for externships

Criminal Justice, Judicial and Public Interest externships

  1. For Criminal Justice, Judicial and Public Interest externships, contact the approved externship placement(s), from the lists below, where you would like to complete an externship. Inquire about their application deadlines and requirements. If you wish to request approval of a field placement not on the list, email

Proceed with the externship application process provided by the particular externship field placement. Typically, placements will ask for a cover letter, resume and writing sample. Some placements will require an interview and/or background check.

  1. Once you have been offered a position, complete the appropriate Externship Application form below for the externship course(s). 

Corporate Counsel Externship

  1. For a Corporate Counsel Externship, complete the online application.
  2. One or more field placements may require additional information, an interview and/or background check clearance before a position will be offered to you.
  3. If you are offered a position at one of the externship field placements, you then will need to complete and submit the appropriate Externship Registration Request Form below to request registration for the Corporate Counsel Externship course(s).

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