Criminal Justice Externship

Criminal justice externs learn about the roles and responsibilities of criminal prosecutors and defenders, the judicial process in criminal cases, and strategic and ethical issues in criminal law. Through their fieldwork, criminal justice externs develop advocacy and law practice management skills, the ability to recognize and resolve strategic and ethical dilemmas, and the ability to learn from experience.  

In the small classroom setting of the criminal justice colloquium, criminal justice externs meet with peers working in similar placements. Facilitated and taught by experienced practitioners, the colloquium provides opportunities for externs to discuss and reflect on their field experiences and expand their understanding of the challenges inherent in a career in the criminal justice system. 

To assist with program development and to ensure that students receive the best learning experience possible, Wayne Law has established an independent committee comprised of experienced and well-respected judges, prosecutors and defenders who are also Law School alumni. Members of the advisory committee volunteer their time, energy and expertise and are an invaluable asset to the Law School.

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