Making an impact

Supporting our community is an integral part of Wayne Law's mission. Working with our community partners, the students and faculty in the Program for Entrepreneurship and Business Law provide free legal services to nonprofit organizations and small businesses operating in under-resourced communities. Wayne State University also supports community efforts to to ensure that the economic development taking root in Detroit's downtown and Midtown spreads to the neighborhoods that are the essence of our city.

First-year accomplishments by students in the program:

  • Supplying – free of charge – nearly $500,000 worth of legal services to local entrepreneurs and innovators.
  • Providing legal and business assistance to dozens of entrepreneurs, including a new Spanish language radio station in southwest Detroit, an apartment hunter’s website, a soul food restaurant and an aspiring soft drink maker.
  • Applying for 501(c)(3) recognition for the site of a former stop on the Underground Railroad, an organization supporting young fathers and a young adult mentoring program.
  • Participating in entrepreneurship programs throughout the city, working with community and business partners including Blackstone LaunchPad, D:hive, Focus: HOPE, Prosperus Detroit, Southwest Solutions and TechTown.

Read about some of our students:

Photo of Christopher Attar

Law student immersed in business development

Christopher Attar

(Aug. 9, 2013)

Photo of Brittany Bradshaw

Photo of Weiling Choi

Wayne Law students help Detroit prosper through their clinic studies

Brittany Bradshaw

Weiling Chou

(Dec. 17, 2013)

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