Character and fitness information for Wayne Law students

All lawyers must be of requisite character and fitness to practice law. The duty to report character or fitness issues is continuous from the point when you apply to Wayne Law through graduation. Please review Sections 11 and 14 below taken from the Wayne Law Admissions Application for reference. 

Incoming students

Your admission application requires you to provide information relating to character and fitness. If you haven't fully disclosed conduct that should have been reported, you should amend your application as soon as possible by completing this form, explaining the conduct and the reason for your failure to initially disclose it. Submit the completed form and accompanying documents to the assistant dean of student affairs at

If conduct covered by the admission application character and fitness questions occurs after you have submitted your application but before you begin law school, you should amend your application by submitting this form to the assistant dean of student affairs at, explaining the conduct and when it occurred.

Current students

Once you start school, you should disclose all conduct covered by the admissions application character and fitness questions that you previously haven't reported, or that occurs after you commence law school, as soon as possible to the assistant dean of student affairs by completing this form.

Character and fitness
disclosure form 

Amending for other reasons

You can amend your application for reasons unrelated to character and fitness by submitting a letter of explanation to the assistant dean of student affairs. 


Article written by the manager of the State Bar of Michigan Character and Fitness Department

Lawyers and Judges Assistance Program (which also serves law students)

Wayne Law Admissions Application character and fitness questions

11. Character and Fitness

1. Because of the high ethical standards to which lawyers are held, the failure to disclose an act or event such as the ones described below is often more significant, and leads to more serious consequences, than the act or event itself. Failure to provide truthful answers, or failure to inform the Office of Admissions of any changes to your answers, may result in revocation of admission or disciplinary action by the Law School, or denial of permission to practice law by the state in which you seek admission to the bar. We strongly urge, if you are unsure as to whether to make a disclosure, that you err on the side of disclosure. Please note also that it is your responsibility to update your application by notifying the Wayne Law Admissions Office if any criminal charges are filed or expected to be filed between the date you submit this application and the date you enroll at Wayne Law. Please initial here to indicate that you have read this paragraph.

2. Have you ever been subject to disciplinary action (for scholastic or other reasons) and/or are there any disciplinary charges currently pending or expected to be brought against you in any of the colleges, universities, graduate or professional schools you have attended? This includes being dropped, suspended, warned, placed on academic or disciplinary probation, disciplined, expelled or requested or advised to resign from any post-secondary school, college, university, professional school, or law school. If your answer is yes, you must electronically attach a statement marked "Character and Fitness 1" with a full explanation of the reasons for, and circumstances surrounding, the disciplinary action(s) or any pending action, including relevant dates.

3. Have you ever been charged with, arrested for, convicted of, pled guilty or nolo contendere for a violation of any law and/or are there any charges pending or expected to be brought against you? (For purposes of this question, a conviction includes a verdict or finding of guilt, regardless of whether sentence is imposed by the court.) You should also disclose offenses that resulted in purged, sealed, obliterated, dismissed, or destroyed records, regardless of whether you have been told that you need not disclose any such event. These will also be requested by state bar authorities in many states. If you are not sure about the nature or the ultimate disposition of a particular charge, you are advised to make full disclosure, as a subsequent finding that you failed to disclose relevant information could have disqualifying consequences. If your answer is yes, you must electronically attach a statement marked "Character and Fitness 2" with a full explanation of the reasons for, and circumstances surrounding, your arrest or conviction or any pending charges, including dates.

Wayne Law application certification

14. Certification

1. By submitting this application electronically, I certify that the statements made in this application are complete and accurate. I will promptly notify Wayne State University Law School in writing if I learn that any of my answers were incorrect when made or while correct when made, are no longer true. This duty to update my file continues throughout my law school enrollment. I acknowledge the above statement.

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